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Jun 09, 2014

The Secret of Uber Closers: Mobile Sales Apps

The Secret of Uber Closers: Mobile Sales Apps

We all know them, the Uber closer, the person who can sell anytime, anywhere -- but can your sales force actually seal the deal on the go? If you want stellar sales people, you need to be able to provide them with mobile sales apps that use today’s technology for optimal sales performance.

One of the main benefits of providing your team with mobile sales apps is that field reps can have access to all of the necessary software, resources, and data in real time. But this is more than just the ability to place orders on the road. This is the ability to adjust a sales route during the day if a customer needs a special order or an emergency restock. It’s about using applications to offer sales presentations and conferences to give remote leads at a building site the same attention you offer large businesses in their conference rooms.

Sales teams can collaborate on a meeting even if half of them are in the office and the others are at a conference in another state. They can create interactive, digital copies of the company catalog that will make seeing new products exciting and real to customers and potential sales. When it comes to harnessing enterprise mobility in sales, don’t concentrate on taking traditional sales concepts and adapting them to use on your employee’s tablets -- you need to find new ways to sell, interact, and connect with your customer base.

With enterprise mobile apps, you can help your sales force with innovative ways to keep track of potential customers. Mobile sales apps can not only enter information in a CMS, they can also find out what social sites potential clients frequent and other companies they follow. This will help create a customer profile that is more complete so that salespeople can find pain points and approach the sale in a personalized way. By utilizing an enterprise mobility solution to provide mobile sales apps to your employees, your company can become an industry leader and leverage more business opportunities.


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