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Dec 09, 2011

Weeknight PMD Volunteer Opportunity

ITS HOLIDAY TIME! The Apperian team is happy to support People Making A Difference!

This is a great volunteer activity and we are proud to provide support for this organization.

Event: Weeknight PMD volunteer opportunity

Date: Wednesday, December 14 6:30 PM to 9 PM

Place: 321 Summer street, 1st Floor, Boston, MA, 02210 Apperian

Two blocks from Boston's South Station (NOT GTG's Redistribution Center in New Bedford)

More About the Event : 

Make Cozy & Warm Security Blankets for Needy Kids (and learn how to make these beautiful blankets so that you can make them as gifts on your own!)

There are 625,662 children who live in poor or low- income families in Massachusetts, so we are making beautiful, cozy, no-sew fleece (easy-to-launder) blankets to be distributed by Gifts to Give (GTG), which puts new and gently used essentials, to children age 0-17 who need them the most AND provides opportunities for youth age 3+ to work for social justice and learn the power of giving and community service by volunteering and sharing their unique talents.

For more info about GTG, visit While no sewing experience is required, this project does require fine motor skills and attention to detail. We seek volunteers age 16 and older to use sharp rotary cutters and perform repetitive hand motions to cut and hand-knot fleece.

PMD requests that volunteers contribute $10* or more to help us offset the cost of the fleece for a blanket. *Waiver available if this is a financial hardship. To sign up, register online by 12/4 at Incomplete submissions cannot be honored, even if you have previously volunteered with PMD. No partial participation can be accommodated for this or any other PMD projects.

This means that we cannot accommodate late arrivals or early departures. After you register online (and see a confirmation screen), PMD will email specifics the week before this project, including directions to the project site (by public transportation and by car), instructions and cutting diagram for making blankets, a checklist on how to prepare, and a waiver form.

People Making a Difference (PMD) is a nonprofit organization that promotes informed and responsible volunteerism by involving people in tangible, hands-on work that meets local needs and by assisting companies and charities in building successful community involvement programs that: * Produce appreciable results while conserving recipients' limited resources, * Educate volunteers about broader issues, * Bring people together to make a difference. "We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future." --Franklin D. Roosevelt


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