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Feb 05, 2013

Why BlackBerry 10 Won't Overrule BYOD

The blogosphere is all abuzz about RIM changing its brand to just BlackBerry. However, what’s really buzzworthy is the move to get the enterprise market share back from Apple and Google, reports Jennifer Scott in Computer Weekly. But will the new BB10 deliver what users want? BlackBerry is taking a stab at it with a two-screen approach – one for personal and one for work. BlackBerry is hoping that its new OS and phone, released at the end of January, will appeal to enterprises because they can host their own app stores within the “container” created on the professional screen. But is this move a little too late? One CIO tells Computer Weekly that he “had decommissioned their BlackBerry deployments a while ago and had ‘no plans to go back to it.’” Another commenter says that he has recently started a BYOD policy and that he can't see the cost justification for deploying company-owned phones. The bottom line in this move from BlackBerry basically boils down to “consumer appeal.” Is there room for another smartphone player? That’s the reality BYOD brings to the table. Tylor Stone, Apperian director of sales and marketing operations, has recently recorded a video response on why BYOD makes sense from a “balanced” perspective. He says it’s not about controlling the device; rather it’s more important to protect what matters to the company – apps and data. That lightweight approach produces a number of benefits to companies evaluating BYOD programs, which you can read more about here. And while the BlackBerry move is bold and rather cool, it’s not an all-encompassing approach when you consider that mobile has moved well beyond the phone. Tablets and phones are making workers more productive – especially when they bring their own to the office. Another thought to consider when looking at enterprise-deployed devices is the move to a decentralized workforce. "Bring Your Own Device" makes much more sense when your team is dispersed all over the country or the globe. Time will tell the fate of the BlackBerry 10 in an already crowded mobile space. But one thing is certain – apps are here to stay and it’s a wise move to consider the end goal than to get hung up on devices. Learn more about why mobile app management makes sense in our recorded webcast – The Four Rules of Mobility.


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