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Apr 02, 2018

Protecting Apps Is Not Enough: Why You Need Threat Analytics

Every app downloaded via an app store is running in a zero-trust environment. When you publish an app to an app store – even with integrated protection against known threats – you create an open loop with no way for the app to communicate current threat status. With more than 5 million apps available for download, that opens up a whole host of opportunities for bad actors to reverse engineer code and execute attacks that steal sensitive data, including corporate intellectual property (IP), customer logins and personally identifiable information (PII), and backend infrastructure and application programming interfaces (APIs).


For most organizations, it’s only after the dust has settled and financial losses tallied that the process to understand the attack begins. But there is a better way to protect your apps “in the wild” and mitigate attacks from spreading to lower the risk to your bottom line.

Using Threat Analytics to Close the Loop

The most effective way to secure your apps is by closing the loop — or creating a system to receive feedback about the app’s security posture and then take action. Visibility into when, how and from where an attack is happening, and the ability to optimize your response in real time can mean the difference between stopping a threat before it spreads or picking up the pieces after the fact.


Our new Threat Analytics service does just that. Every app protected by Arxan includes the ability to “phone home” to report its status. With Threat Analytics, you can see from day one whether apps are running safely, operating in a risky environment (such as on a rooted or jailbroken device) or being attacked. Threat Analytics enables the closed loop, so you can develop, protect, deploy and observe what’s happening to your apps, and take appropriate action.

Insights that Enable Action and Reduce Risk

The potential revenue impact, brand damage or loss of customer trust because of an application attack can be devastating. With Threat Analytics as part of your security arsenal, you know:

  • How your app is being attacked

  • Who or what is putting your business at risk

And because Arxan Threat Analytics is fueled by anonymized threat data from the apps we protect, over time you gain insights that will let you configure security measures to pre-empt emerging attacks. This translates into timely, efficient threat response, and ultimately reduced risk.

Ken Jochims

Ken has more than 25 years of enterprise software product marketing experience in fraud prevention and IT infrastructure and financial services solutions across the Fortune 1000. Prior to Arxan, Ken worked for Neustar, ThreatMetrix, Guardian Analytics, CA Technologies, BMC, NeXT Computer and Apple.

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