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Oct 12, 2018

Your Customers Expect Your Mobile App to Work… Always

Don’t let your application protection fall behind OS updates

When an organisation builds apps to provide services to its customers, teams of developers work diligently to make sure that the apps will work seamlessly. Effective, well-built apps are the 21st century approach to keep existing customers happy and bring in new business.

When an app stops working, visibility spreads rapidly across the organisation and shoots right up to the upper echelons. Senior people measure the problem in customer churn and dollars lost, not to mention the lost productivity of employees who have to clean up the mess internally. If a banking app, for example, becomes unavailable, customers suddenly cannot run their finances and make payments. They complain loudly and publicly, creating a customer service, PR and social media headache. The bank could even end up being accused of denying service to their customer base.

All of this is avoidable if you are well-prepared for the next OS update. OS updates are the norm in today’s app-centric world. We all know the roadmap for Apple and Google platforms — OS updates are tech media fodder with trackers following feature updates and major upcoming changes.

Did iOS 12 (unnecessarily) catch your app protection off guard?

We've heard a lot about certain banking apps that had trouble running on iOS 12. It seems that for some organisations, the latest in Apple’s relentless series of updates messed with all manner of functionality, and their apps wobbled all over the place. We’ve even had a customer tell us if the app protection prevents their app from working on the latest OS, that’s worse than the hackers.

Arxan keeps up with iOS and Android Updates

None of these shaky apps are owned by Arxan customers. We know that instability isn't an option for a commercial supplier in the mobile app development business. With over one billion installs, and multiple customers with individual apps counted in hundreds of millions of downloads, Arxan is committed to rapidly supporting new OS versions as they are released to market. iOS 12 was no exception, as we shared platform support within two days of Apple’s announcement and three days before it was pushed to users’ iPhones. And Arxan customers can also keep up as Android versions move through their increasingly sweet stages since our developers are already eating Pie, Google’s latest release of Android. We keep on top of updates from platform suppliers so that our customers never need worry about their apps being out of action.

But it’s not just the mobile OS updates that organisations need to contend with. Mobile development environments keep changing too, in ways that can cause major problems for tools plugging into the flow. Even the programming languages that developers use are changing constantly.

At Arxan, we’ve got your back.  We take care to make sure that we’re completely up to date and supporting every version of every operating system and language that our customers use now, and want to use in future.  We are current with all Android Studio versions, and we’ve released support for the latest version of Xcode.

Build Apps with an Enterprise-Grade Partner

You know that keeping up with all this is difficult and expensive. Building it yourself, finding an open source project or going to the cheapest supplier you can find – none of those are viable options. You need to build apps with a partner who stays ahead of updates and new threats, before they have a serious impact on your business.

So if your security vendor is struggling to keep up, get in touch with Arxan before the next platform update stops your app in its tracks.

Winston Bond

Winston Bond is the EMEA Technical Director at Arxan with many years experience of working with customers in the security, software and semiconductor industries, across Europe and worldwide.

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