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Tony Rizzo, the Enterprise Mobility Analyst at Blue Hill Research and author of an Anatomy of a Decision report on Enterprise Mobile App Stores and Mobile Application Management, joined me for a discussion on the Life in the Mobile Enterprise (LiME) podcast. He describes the evolution of enterprise mobility, how Line of Business, IT, and Finance are collaborating today, state-of-the-art app management and security capabilities, and insights from conversations with businesses successfully using mobile application management. Listen to the two-part episode. Read a summary of the report. Download the full Anatomy of a Decision report. Part 1 Part 2


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Summary of Blue Hill's Anatomy of a Decision Report by Tony Rizzo Organizational leaders recognize that a mobile workforce of employees, contract workers, and business partners is critical to the success of the enterprise. Indeed, 64% of companies cited improved business processes as the top benefit of their organization’s enterprise mobility efforts while 60% have obtained competitive advantage, according to the 2015 Enterprise Mobility Report conducted by Apperian and CITO Research which surveyed more than 300 IT and mobility professionals. Of course, in order for companies to attain the strategic and tactical benefits of mobility, they need the right mobile capabilities and infrastructure in place to ensure that they’re effectively developing and securely deploying enterprise mobile apps to target users. Blue Hill Research recently evaluated a variety of mobile application management (MAM®) and enterprise app store platforms. In its report, “Enterprise Mobile App Stores and Mobile Application Management: Why and How Apperian Delivers State-of-the-Art, Enterprise Mobile Security,” Blue Hill details why it believes that Apperian represents the “state-of-the-art” in mobile security through its MAM and enterprise app store platforms. Blue Hill bases its conclusions on its ongoing mobile research as well as qualitative discussions it had with three Apperian customers and the decision-making processes that led them to select Apperian as an MAM vendor over mobile device management (MDM) frameworks: Emory University & Emory Healthcare; Elsevier; and a $2 billion+ analog integrated chip and semiconductor manufacturer that requested anonymity.

Security shifts to apps and data

The Blue Hill report notes that traditional MDM platforms “focus first and foremost” on device security and offer very little in support of providing easy mobile app discovery, mobile app distribution, or the “state-of-the-art” enhanced mobile security capabilities offered by MAM. These latter capabilities have become critical as SMBs and enterprise have continued to develop more ambitious mobile solutions across extended BYOD ecosystems that encompass employee workforces, contract employees, third-party vendors, and business partners that utilize significant volumes of highly sensitive corporate data. As such, the shift to mission-critical mobile apps “has rapidly moved the security focus away from the mobile devices themselves and towards specifically protecting the deployed mobile applications and the data they access,” according to the report. This “sizable shift” has resulted in the emergence of MAM and MAM vendors. “Apperian represents a clear departure from the traditional, but it’s a departure that we believe will drive major enterprise mobile cost efficiencies, greatly improve overall end-user mobile experiences, and ultimately provide the highest levels of mobile security for any business, regardless of its size,” according to the report’s author, Tony Rizzo, Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Mobile Enterprise Research at Blue Hill.

Taking an agile approach to mobile app security

The report highlights how Apperian’s mobile app management (MAM®) platform provides leading-edge mobile app security, including the use of app wrapping to add security, management, and usage policies to mobile apps. App wrapping includes the ability to quickly change security, management, and usage policies using a “cost-free point-and-click process–one of Apperian’s key MAM strengths,” states the report. Another benefit to deploying MAM versus MDM is “the opportunity to deliver powerful enterprise mobile app stores,” according to Blue Hill. MDM platforms may offer simple app catalog services but these catalogs don’t simplify mobile app discovery “or the ability for enterprises to directly deploy and manage their apps,” Blue Hill adds.

Applying an enterprise app store experience

One of the strengths of Apperian’s enterprise app store is that it replicates the consumer app store experiences that users have become highly accustomed to, says Blue Hill. In addition to making it easy for users to discover the mobile apps they need, enterprise clients can also “provide screen shots, app details, and other capabilities (such as links to training videos) in exactly the same way that consumer app stores do.” Another strength of Apperian’s enterprise app store that’s cited by Blue Hill is its App Lifecycle Management capabilities. “Apperian makes the typically time-consuming, app developer-centric and costly process of deploying, testing, and redeploying app simple. From the end-user perspective, the entire process is seamlessly handled through the app store, and updated apps can be automatically and transparently updated on end-user devices without the need, in many cases, for any end-user intervention.” The Blue Hill report concludes that “the Apperian MAM Platform puts a great deal of new mobile security and app distribution options on the table for enterprises of any size.” Whether it’s an organization with 100 or tens of thousands of users, “any organization will find the Apperian platform to be of particularly enormous benefit.” To learn more about what Blue Hill has to share, along with the experiences of the 3 Apperian customers who were interviewed for the report, download the report below.

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