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Automotive and Connected Car Cybersecurity

Protecting Automotive Apps from the Inside Out

The Race Is On

Today’s connected car is all about adding convenience by making cars an extension of their owner's smart device. The race is on for automakers and third-party companies to add remote control capabilities to smartphones allowing users to locate, manage navigation, lock/unlock, activate climate controls and even start their cars.

The other race is being run by bad actors who have successfully exploited weakness in mobile devices and apps. It’s easy to foresee how bad actors could use compromised apps to locate a targeted car, gain access to steal the contents, steal the car itself, or even direct a driver to an unintended location.

Protect Against App Hacking & Reverse Engineering

  • Binary level code obfuscation to secure code functionality
  • Data and key obfuscation and encryption to protect critical data and keys
  • App integrity checks to verify code status
  • Notifications to alert business of real-time app attacks
  • Detection of rooted or jailbroken devices to alert on OS level threat

Arxan protects apps for three of the top five automotive manufacturers.


Secure App Distribution

for Dealer Networks
  • Device enrollment not required
  • Works alongside existing EMM and MDM solutions — no need to rip & replace
  • App security and governance that governments trust
  • Easily manage and update any app
  • Branded, private enterprise app store

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Automotive and Connected Car Cybersecurity

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