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Leverage White-Box Cryptography and Tamper Resistance to Advance API Protection

Watch the 3-minute Video Do you know how easy it is for hackers to gain access to server assets by exploiting API (Application Program Interface) calls? Unfortunately, it is quite easy, and as a result, not only public APIs, but also private APIs developed for internal use, are increasingly under attack. In light of recent… Continue Reading

How to Enhance Your Cryptographic Key Protection

Introduction to Cryptographic Key Protection Watch the Video Cryptography is at the heart of data security, and it has become an indispensable protection mechanism for securing data within mobile applications. Cryptographic keys are commonly used to: Maintain confidentiality of digital assets; Enforce software product licensing; Bind data to devices and applications; Prove identity; Secure communication… Continue Reading

2016 State of Application Security: Top Health Care Apps in Critical Condition

Arxan recently released its report on the “State of Application Security,” which examines the current application security landscape and provides key recommendations to improve your organization’s level of protection. This research analyzed 126 of the most popular mobile health and finance apps from the U.S., U.K., Germany and Japan. It also surveyed consumers and application… Continue Reading

Would You Like to Play an Application Security Game?

Why Are We Still Playing the Game? It happened again. The recent disclosure of devastating security vulnerabilities associated with certain Juniper devices has renewed discussions about best practices to prevent hacking of critical applications and the importance of effective application security protection. In this case, researchers found unauthorized code in the ScreenOS router operating system… Continue Reading

Mobile Payments: Protecting Applications and Data from Emerging Risks

Holiday shopping season is upon us, and more and more buyers will be leaving their credit cards and cash in their pocket, and completing their holiday purchases via their convenient mobile phones and tablets. Most mobile payment solutions are very secure – and in fact, more secure than the old- fashioned swiping of a credit… Continue Reading

Which Approach to Application Hardening Is Right for Your App?

The Importance of Mobile Application Protection There’s no shortage of hacking tools and techniques or stories in the news about mobile app hacks for both iOS and Android platforms. Fortunately, those offering mobile application protection solutions have responded swiftly to these threats. Now, there are many approaches that one can leverage to harden an app… Continue Reading

Arxan Launches Cyber Security Scholarship Program to Recognize Outstanding Students

As part of Arxan’s mission to make the world’s applications universally secure and trusted, we launched our Cyber Security Scholarship Program in the Fall 2015 Semester. The Scholarship was established to recognize outstanding Students with an interest in cyber security, and gain the mindshare of future security professionals. Eligible students were enrolled in one of… Continue Reading

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