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No enterprise mobility project can start until a budget is approved. Robert Lacis, Senior Director of Customer Success at Apperian, and JP Luchetti, Consultancy Director at Mubaloo, debate how to best make the business case for enterprise mobile apps. Listen to the episode to learn:
  • Why you even need to make the business case in the first place?
  • What is the very first question to investigate and answer?
  • Fill in x in this statement: "If you're missing x, your mobile app project will fail."
  • What is the ideal scope?
  • Who is the most critical to get involved?
  • When is your work done?


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Listen to Olivia's original interview with Robert Lacis about how to get funding for an enterprise mobile app. Read Robert's byline from Enterprise Apps Today. Another good listen: JP's first episode on 5 Business Strategy Tips for Mobile Success. Download the "2015 Executive Enterprise Mobility Report" below to learn more about how enterprise mobile apps are being used across organizations of all sizes.  

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