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Digital Media and Rights Protection

Protecting Digital Media Applications from the Inside Out

Securing digital app players against reverse engineering should be as fundamental as adding Digital Rights Management (DRM) — you need both. DRM without protecting the app player can expose media and encryption keys allowing content piracy directly from the player.

Today's World of Piracy & Counterfeiting

As digital media applications and content continue to undergo explosive global distribution across multiple platforms, they are increasingly vulnerable to piracy. Keeping these valuable media assets secure requires providers to look beyond DRM as a single preventative measure to stop pirates.

Piracy for fun or profit shares a common theme — gaining access to the media by reverse engineering the streaming app or reader. Keys resident in a player make it a tempting target and making it the weak link in the security chain. Attacking an app and uncovering DRM keys provides the most effective approach to defeating even the strongest DRM.

Protect Against App Hacking & Reverse Engineering

  • Binary level code obfuscation to secure code functionality
  • Data and key obfuscation and encryption to protect critical data and keys
  • App integrity checks to verify code status
  • Notifications to alert business of real-time app attacks
  • Detection of rooted or jailbroken devices to alert on OS level threat

Arxan protects apps for seven of the top 10 digital media companies.

Arxan-protected apps have been securely deployed 5+ billion times

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