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Mobile & Web App Security for eCommerce

Protecting eCommerce Payment Apps from the Inside Out

eCommerce Cyber Threat Environment

The security threat to eCommerce organizations conducting business on the internet has escalated once again. Recent online card skimming attacks executed by various cybercriminal groups has resulted in browser-based exfiltration of hundreds of thousands of customer credentials resulting in:

  • Millions of dollars in lost business
  • Damaged brands and lost customer confidence
  • Hundreds of millions in GDPR fines

The threat to mobile payment app security channels is clear and has been detailed by organizations like the FFIEC and ENISA who detail security threats to mobile payment channels, as well as their potential impacts on customers and businesses. The threats from reverse engineering and app tampering include: 

  • Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and password compromises
  • Risks from rooted or jailbroken devices
  • Exfiltration of confidential back-end data

Card Stealing Attacks Aimed at eCommerce Websites

The recent targeting of eCommerce sites by various Magecart groups has resulted in browser-based breaches of hundreds of thousands of customer credit card credentials and other PII. Understand what’s driving these attacks and 5 steps to take to protect your organization.

eCommerce App Protection

  • Code obfuscation to help secure apps from static code analysis
  • Data and key obfuscation and encryption to protect critical data and keys
  • App integrity checks to verify code status
  • Threat detection to notify the business of real-time app attacks
  • Detection of rooted or jailbroken devices to alert on OS level threats

Protect Your Business and Keep Customer Data Secure

eCommerce mobile and web app security should be a top concern for every development team.

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