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Application Protection from the Inside Out

We help our customers securely deploy any application, whether B2C, B2B, or B2E, with a broad range of app-centric protection and deployment solutions.

Protecting Your Business in a Zero-Trust World

Arxan is the trusted partner for protecting high-value apps

In today’s zero trust world, the need to protect customer, business and IP data is greater than ever and should be at the center of every businesses’ application development and deployment strategy. Securing applications and data against misuse is key to preventing brand damage, financial loss, intellectual property theft and governmental penalties.

The Arxan Enterprise Solution

The Arxan solution is comprehensive and designed to deliver real, sustained value

Multi-Layered App Protection

  • Layered, Adaptive App and Data Protection
  • Detection and Prevention of Tampering, Reverse Engineering & IP Theft
  • Enterprise App Distribution and Policy Management
  • Real-Time Analytics for Apps in the Wild
  • Predictive Intelligence Against Potential Threats
  • Ready Integration with Existing Risk Systems

Advanced Threat Team

  • Deep Insight into Emerging Threats and Attack Vectors
  • Comprehensive Incident & Emergency Response
  • Customer-Specific Zero-Day Threat Monitoring & Support

Enterprise Customer Success

  • Dedicated Executive Level Account Management
  • Stratified Training and Support Programs
  • All Encompassing Professional Services

Why Arxan-protected apps have been securely deployed 5+ billion times

Arxan Delivers Business Value


Increase customer engagement and grow market share knowing your most valuable apps are secure.


Expand your perimeter of trust to secure apps in unknown environments and prevent attacks that lead to brand damage & financial loss.


Ensure your apps are in compliance with policies and regulations to protect customer data and safeguard patients.


Focus on growing your business, while we focus on protecting your apps by staying on the forefront of security threats.

500+ Global Enterprises Trust Arxan

The level of expertise necessary to internally develop and support application protection from the inside out is beyond the reach of most businesses.

We've got your back.

Application Protection for High-Value Apps

Comprehensive, app-level security to protect against a range of threats

Gartner Market Guide

for In-App Protection

Gartner Market Guide for In-App Protection

In-App Protection Crucial for High-Value Applications

In order to effectively protect applications against tampering, intrusion and malic