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Apperian App Management

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Apperian used for?

The Apperian App Management platform enables organizations to secure and deploy mobile apps to unmanaged devices, regardless if those devices are personally owned or corporate owned. Apperian protects and manages what matters most, the corporate apps and data. Companies developing a single app, or hundreds of apps know the challenge of getting them adopted by hundreds or thousands of employees. Apperian supports the complete mobile application management lifecycle — providing best practices for getting app from development to device in record time with less effort and more assurance it’s done right. From onboarding apps from third-party app development tools, to app inspection, security policies, enterprise SSO and closed-loop end user feedback, Apperian App Management delivers higher ROI on mobile app investments.

Why do I need Apperian?

With Apperian App Management companies can feel confident that they are minimizing risk and complications of their mobile app rollout, while optimizing their investment. The most important areas where Apperian comes into play involve security, IT management, app deployment, and scalability. By far the most serious concern of companies when it comes to enterprise mobile management is mobile app security. This includes threats of mobile malware, data leakage, and the need to restrict access as needed. Apperian focuses on mobile security by leveraging techniques such as data encryption, copy/paste protection, corporate authentication, and app-level VPN, which can be enabled on an app-by-app basis through the admin console, with no coding required.

Is Apperian an enterprise app store?

The Apperian App Management platform provides every customer with an enterprise app store, but this is the “last mile” of the full enterprise app lifecycle. Apperian’s enterprise app store allow employees to browse and download approved mobile apps while IT departments can securely manage the licensing, distribution, monitoring, and maintenance of those apps regardless of what device type they have.

How does Apperian make a difference for enterprise developers?

When it comes to assembling an inventory of enterprise mobile apps, companies and enterprise developers can take a variety of approaches. Apperian App Management is designed to simplify the process and provide companies with the ability to develop, secure and manage enterprise apps and to distribute, monitor, and provision them across the enterprise, particularly during testing phase where multiple versions of apps will need to be delivered to large groups of testers.