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A new episode, Plan for App Adoption Before Launch, is now available on the “Life in the Mobile Enterprise (LiME)” podcast. Listen to Robert Lacis, senior director of customer success, and Mark Lorion, chief marketing officer, in conversation about how to prepare and promote the adoption of your custom enterprise mobile apps -- before you even launch. They share tactics from their firsthand experience that work. Read on below to learn more about the importance of understanding your enterprise mobile app customers. Download the “2015 Enterprise Mobility Report” to learn more about driving adoption of your enterprise mobile apps. Tune in every week for “freshly squeezed ideas to make your organization successful on its enterprise mobility journey.”


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The ramp-up to launching new enterprise mobile apps can be exhilarating for project owners. They’re able to actually see new apps blossom and spring to life. And while project owners are understandably anxious to see new apps be adopted by targeted users, it’s important to take some much-needed steps to help ensure strong visibility and adoption by intended users since sustained usage requires a well-conceived plan. A ‘build-it-and-they-will-come’ philosophy won’t guarantee strong adoption rates. According to SAP, more than 78% of apps are abandoned after their first use, as cited in Apperian’s Enterprise App Adoption E-Guide. As Apperian also points out in its case study, “When App Adoption is the #1 Priority,” one of the keys to driving successful app adoption is by developing a creative marketing strategy for promoting a new app. Project owners need to consider how they intend to promote a new app to increase awareness. One way to publicize a new app and the features it offers is promoting it in an online company newsletter. An article about a new app can include a link to access the app in a company’s enterprise app store. Capturing the attention and interest of would-be users also requires project leaders to be innovative. For example, incentives can be created to attract targeted users to access new apps such as the first defined number of employees who download this app will receive a $10 retail gift card or voucher that can be used in the company cafeteria. Also, make sure to line up executive sponsorship and support early on. Keep organizational leaders updated both during and after the launch. Have regular meetings with the steering group, including early users. Doing so will enable the project team to stay on top of the features and functionality work teams are looking for and also to clearly communicate any issues that may arise throughout different phases of app development to take corrective action. Once it’s time to begin promoting a new app or an app store, early users can be extremely helpful in spreading the word and communicating the benefits. For instance, a project champion or a set of users can share the early benefits of using an app in a town hall meeting with other prospective users. Mobile is a hot topic and a lot of people want to be associated with mobile projects. This can help strengthen promotional recruitment. Some companies have succeeded in promoting enterprise mobile apps by borrowing innovative communications approaches that other departments or teams have used to publicize previous projects. For instance, an energy company can use gamification techniques to entice employees to download and use a fitness and wellness app where the use of points or goals can help incent employees to move further along in achieving fitness and wellness targets. Other Apperian clients have created videos that are used to imaginatively describe different ways that employees can benefit from the use of new apps. One company featured a sales leader as the “star” of a movie about a new sales app in a fun way that really connected with the sales team. The video went viral and drove a high rate of initial downloads for the app. Employees want to have mobile apps created for them that can help them to do their jobs more easily. But in order to drive high adoption rates, project leaders need to tap into their creative juices to market new apps effectively and build awareness.

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