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New Features Allow Businesses to Secure Company-Owned Devices and Protect Those Used for Consumer-Facing Apps in Public Areas such as retail or information centers

Boston, MA, April 26, 2012 – Apperian ( today announced several key enterprise application security functions for its EASE mobile application management (MAM) platform. The new security features enable IT administrators to remotely monitor and secure mobile devices.  Apperian also announced partnerships with Mocana and Mformation Technologies under which it will support security technology offered by these two companies. Through seamless integration of Mformation technology into the Enterprise App Services Environment (EASE) Admin portal, EASE customers now have access to device-level enterprise application security including lock/ unlock, device wipe, app inventory and app delete on a managed device. Apperian also announced that EASE will support Mocana’s new Mobile App Protection™ (MAP) 2.0 product. MAP enables EASE to create “self-defending apps”™.  MAP’s new, patent-pending technology enables Apperian customers to “wrap” new layers of security – like FIPS 140-2 encryption or per-app VPN tunneling - into existing Android and iPhone apps, without needing to write any code, and without impacting performance, battery life or app usability. Once wrapped by MAP, apps maintain their new security behaviors wherever they are deployed, whether they reside on devices owned by the company, by the employee or by consumers. New EASE security features: Device Lock/Unlock -- Remotely lock a device, requiring the user to enter a passcode or contact the EASE administrator to unlock the screen. This is useful when a device is reported as lost, misplaced, or stolen. Device Wipe -- Remotely "wipe" a corporate owned device to permanently delete all media and data, and restore to factory settings. App Inventory -- Check inventory at any time to get an up-to-date list of all apps installed on a device. App Delete -- Remotely delete apps installed from the Apperian App Catalog. This feature securely removes the app and associated data from the device without requiring user interaction. Mocana MAP™ App Wrapping™  – Ability to add new policies into existing apps, such as data encryption, copy/paste control, per-app VPN and passphrase authentication “Our goal with these new security capabilities is to enable businesses to manage and protect data on mobile apps, whether company or employee owned.  Bringing parity across corporate and individual assets,” said Alan Murray, Apperian Senior Vice President, Products. “We continue to be staunch supporters of the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) movement, which enables employees to use their own devices for work while keeping separate their personal apps and data. We believe that BYOD will continue to grow at a rapid pace and that companies will require EASE to take full-advantage of this employee empowerment trend.” Apperian, Inc. is a mobile application management (MAM) company. The Apperian EASE platform delivers enterprise mobility services that enable many of the world's largest corporations to securely deploy and manage mobile apps for iOS, Android and Blackberry. Apperian is empowering the liberated enterprise to support the BYOD revolution. Apperian Blog: Website: Twitter: For more information:
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