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1-Click Business Policy Wrapping for any App Can be Modified On-The-Fly for Immediate Effect without Recompiling and Redistributing

BOSTON – June 26, 2013 – Apperian, Inc., the enterprise mobile application management (MAM) pioneer, today announced the addition of its Dynamic Policy Framework to the Apperian platform. This first of a kind framework enables the real-time application of new business rules that can control or change the way an app operates – even after an app has been deployed on a mobile device. For example, by using Apperian’s Dynamic Policy Framework, the IT group or app administrator can decide that a particular corporate app requires incremental password protection. As soon as the administrator applies that new rule to the app, all mobile users would be immediately required to sign into the app using the additional credentials. Similarly, someone on the app support team could apply Apperian’s App Remote Control policy, which would enable the support team to remotely troubleshoot challenges with mobile users’ apps. Apperian policies can leverage contextual information about the device, app, user, environmental conditions, or other data. The policies can be added, removed, or adjusted on the fly and immediately take effect – without requiring app modification or redistribution to users. The Apperian Dynamic Policy Framework (patents pending) does not require code changes, so business apps can be instantly wrapped with policy leading to improved compliance and governance in the enterprise. “We’re thrilled to see Apperian introduce its Dynamic Policy Framework. It will save us from administrative nightmares and lag-time that commonly come along with managing enterprise apps, because it makes it so simple,” said Henri Knoesen from Santam. “Traditional app policies are cumbersome because once that app has been deployed we can’t change the policy without starting from scratch to adjust; we have to notify users to update the app to reflect the new changes. However, for apps using policies built with the Apperian Dynamic Policy Framework, we don’t need IT or a developer; we simply use the web interface.” Traditional app policies are static and don’t provide flexibility to administrators to make instant changes once they have been deployed. They also generally force use of an SDK, which restricts the supportable apps and increases the technical knowledge required to apply policy. Apperian’s new Dynamic Policy Framework removes this friction, meaning: • Enterprises achieve 100 percent user compliance because there is nothing to deploy or update – making the experience invisible to the user and ensuring adoption. • Policies can be modified instantly without code changes. This means that with every app modification you don’t need to bring in coding resources or even IT specialists. • Apps don’t need to be re-signed or redeployed, eliminating work for IT and saving enterprises • The source code is not required to apply a dynamic policy, only the compiled app “This Dynamic Policy Framework is unique because it can be controlled at a granular level based on a user’s mobile context, such as location, time and role,” said Carlos Montero-Luque, Apperian’s chief technology officer. “At the same time, we’ve made it really simple to apply a policy change to an app without requiring an SDK or having access to an app’s source code. This greatly reduces admin tasks because application administration can be delegated to someone in a line of business such as a sales operations person, not just IT. Enterprise mobility is for everyone, and this new policy framework is helping place that power in the hands of the entire enterprise, regardless of technical experience.” The Apperian Dynamic Policy Framework does not require use of an SDK. This allows virtually any app to be wrapped with the policy framework into which countless business policies can be executed. For developers who wish to leverage and extend these policy controls into an app, Apperian provides an optional SDK for this degree of integration. To learn more about Apperian’s Dynamic Policy Framework, please visit: To see Apperian's Dynamic Policy Framework in action and watch the overview video visit: About Apperian Apperian is the industry pioneer for mobile application management and helps mobile enterprises deploy  apps to their employees. The company’s cloud-based platform offers a branded enterprise app catalog to users while providing a comprehensive management backend that helps IT professionals manage the full lifecycle of mobile apps and content. With a seamless user experience, Apperian protects and manages what matters most – the business apps and data – while driving the highest possible levels of app adoption. Leading enterprises are tapping Apperian to help them with enterprise mobility to get critical mobile apps in the hands of employees, contract workers and franchisees. The company has received numerous industry awards and was recently named one of the 'Top Places to Work' by the Boston Globe and one of the 'Top Private Companies' by AlwaysOn and OnMobile. Apperian was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in Boston with teams throughout the U.S., Europe, and Asia. For more information please visit or follow the company on Twitter at @Apperian. Apperian, EASE, Mobility Transformed and Epicenter are trademarks of Apperian, Inc. in the United States and other countries. Other company and product names may be trademarks of their respective owners. For more information about Apperian Inc. and its technology, please visit or follow the company on Twitter at @Apperian. For additional information, please contact: Caitlin Leddy SHIFT Communications for Apperian +1 (617) 779-1830