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Enterprises Can Now Deliver Consumer-Like UX and Deploy Customized Corporate App Stores Securely, Quickly and Easily

BOSTON – October 1, 2014 –Apperian® Inc., the leading platform for securing and managing enterprise mobile apps, announced today the availability of the next generation of its Enterprise App Store. The App Store is available for all modern mobile platforms including Apple's iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and Android and Windows mobile platforms. The new Apperian Enterprise App Store offers features that drive user adoption, deliver rock-solid security and IT management capabilities, and streamline app store customization and deployment, including:

  • Device-specific, Consumer-like User Interface: New capabilities such as app rating, featured apps and popular apps as well as a redesigned app store, which features a new Apple-like Cover Flow option, deliver a consumer-like aesthetic native to each device type to help increase user adoption.
  • Instant Deployment and Rapid Customization: The new Apperian Enterprise App Store is turnkey allowing organizations to deploy their own personal version in a matter of minutes, while new customization features make it easy and seamless for businesses to brand their app store and provide a trusted user experience.
  • Analytics and Data Visualization: New visualizations show the percentage of total possible users who have installed and who are using each enterprise app, providing mobile administrators with actionable insight into app adoption and usage.
  • Robust Management and Security: For IT professionals, the new Apperian Enterprise App Store offers enhanced security and policy management capabilities with several new app control features, including automatic updates to the newest version of each app and an administrator-to-user notification channel.

Apperian’s app-centric management approach is the modern answer to managing enterprise mobility. Unlike the inflexibility of the device-centric approach, Mobile Device Management (MDM), Apperian’s wrapping of isolated enterprise apps allows organizations to precisely control security and usage of individual business apps, while maintaining privacy of data on employee personal devices and applications. As organizations have awakened to the benefits of mobility and begun to adopt tools to manage mobile applications rather than individual’s devices, Apperian has seen hyper-growth. Since launching in 2009, its platform has delivered more than one million enterprise app downloads for customers and in the last quarter the Company’s pipeline increased by 400 percent. Comments on the News

  • “We are thrilled to offer a solution that will redefine what it means to be an enterprise app store,” said Carlos Montero-Luque, CTO at Apperian. “By taking best practices from the consumer landscape and applying them to our new app store offering, we have transformed the industry standard, creating a platform that not only offers a more intuitive and functional user experience, but also drives app adoption and streamlines the management process for IT professionals.”
  • "Employees already use their own devices for work and smart enterprises are capitalizing on that trend by providing mobile applications that help them work more efficiently," said Maribel Lopez, Principal & Founder at Lopez Research. "Getting employees to adopt those applications, though, is a challenge - one that can only be achieved by translating the UX expectations of the consumer world into the workplace. An intuitive front-end combined with a sophisticated back-end creates a consumer-like experience and an application that will allow enterprises to empower their extended network of employees, contractors and more."
  • “Since updating to the new Apperian Enterprise App Store, we have seen a significant increase in deployment efficiency and the new back-end management features have improved our ability to communicate with users and ensure they are utilizing our most up-to-date applications,” said Ernie Nazareno, Director of Technical Services at NVIDIA. “With the newly available analytics we are able to better track user adoption and usage rates in real time, which has been invaluable in ensuring our apps are successfully deployed across our network.”

Apperian has been commended for its unique and strategic approach to a seamless and stunning user experience. The company was recognized by MITX as the ‘Best UX’ for a mobility solution, which holds true once again in the next generation of the Apperian App Store. To see it for yourself, please check out Apperian’s informative video regarding its new Enterprise App Store solution: ### About Apperian Apperian is the leading enterprise-class mobile application management and app store platform for the secure delivery of critical apps to 100% of users across an organization. Apperian provides fine-grained security and dynamic policy controls at the individual app level for deployments where mobile device management approaches are not possible or desired, such as BYOD, contract workers and other unmanaged devices. Apperian’s easy to use interface offers a private, branded consumer-like enterprise app store that greatly increases mobile app adoption and a comprehensive app management back-end for administrators to easily protect and manage their business apps and data. The company has helped IT and line of business professionals secure and deliver more than 1.2 million enterprise apps to organizations such as Maxim Integrated Products, NVIDIA, Nationwide, New Balance, and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Apperian is headquartered in Boston with teams throughout the U.S., Europe, and Asia. For more information please visit or follow the company on Twitter at @Apperian and LinkedIn at Apperian, Inc. For additional information, please contact: Sarah Borup SHIFT Communications 617-779-1803