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New Ability Accelerates Mobile Adoption with No Need for Coding or Development

BOSTON August 21, 2013 – Apperian Inc., the enterprise mobile application management (MAM) pioneer, has announced a new Hybrid Web App capability for its Enterprise Mobile Management platform. This allows mobile administrators to encapsulate internal and external websites into a native app in seconds. Users get instant access to secure, native apps to expand their access to content, therefore improving mobile adoption rates. Administrators have granular control over Hybrid Web Apps and can apply additional policies to them such as data encryption, app-level VPN and corporate authentication providing additional app-based security. This provides the speed and convenience of web-based apps with all of the end-to-end security and control of native apps. This new capability addresses two fundamental problems of exposing internally built websites (e.g., sales portals, CRM systems and HR /corporate news sites) to mobile devices. The first problem is mobilizing these websites cost effectively without spending tremendous amounts of time and money building native front-end apps. The second problem is the historical lack of an easy way to create mobile “bookmarks” for websites – something that is not obvious to most users, therefore causing adoption rates to stall. Hybrid Web Apps addresses both pain points as it helps mobile administrators take advantage of existing internal and external websites. It also helps users find and install hybrid web apps from a privately branded app store to give them easy access in a familiar setting and “remembers” where a user leaves off on a site so that they can pick up where they left off, on any device. All this is done without incurring any development costs or time and is performed completely within seconds by the administrator. Apperian brings a strong track record of empowering global enterprises to drive consumer-like enterprise mobility programs forward, protecting what matters most, the apps and data, without being invasive to user privacy, and delivering information in seamless and consumer-like ways. Adoption rates, innovation and productivity skyrocket when enterprises provide employees with the easiest ways to find and use the right applications on the devices of their choice. “Enterprises are making significant investments in building websites that often don’t have an associated mobile app front end to them – users can only access them if the process is made seamless and secure,” said David Patrick, CEO at Apperian. “This new capability solves that problem as the corporate data is still protected and shared with those that are authorized to view it. Giving the users one-click access to this content allows them to be productive and innovative day-in and day-out.” To view this Hybrid Web App capability in action, visit: About Apperian

Apperian is the industry pioneer for mobile application management and helps mobile enterprises deploy apps to their employees. The company’s cloud-based platform offers a branded enterprise app catalog to users while providing a comprehensive management backend that helps IT professionals manage the full lifecycle of mobile apps and content. With a seamless user experience, Apperian protects and manages what matters most – the business apps and data – while driving the highest possible levels of app adoption. Leading enterprises are tapping Apperian to help them with enterprise mobility to get critical mobile apps in the hands of employees, contract workers and franchisees. The company has received numerous industry recognitions and was recently named one of the 'Top Places to Work' by the Boston Globe and one of the 'Top Private Companies' by AlwaysOn and OnMobile. Apperian was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in Boston with teams throughout the U.S., Europe, and Asia. For more information please visit or follow the company on Twitter at @Apperian.

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