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Application Protection Leader to Offer Free Security Workshops and Threat Analytics Trial

San Francisco, CA – October 3, 2018 Arxan Technologies, the trusted provider of application protection solutions, today announced a month-long initiative to raise awareness for improved application security and threat intelligence. Coinciding with Cybersecurity Awareness Month, Arxan will host a series of online workshops and introduce a limited-time trial of its new Threat Analytics offering to help organizations strengthen application protection.

In the wake of a number of recent high-profile data breaches, dedicated application protection is more important than ever before. Global research shows that attackers are more frequently targeting applications to gain access to networks and expose sensitive data. Without application-specific security or visibility into pending threats, enterprise web and mobile apps are subject to reverse engineering attacks and code tampering — leaving back-end infrastructure vulnerable to attack.

“As we have seen with recent high-profile app breaches, traditional security measures are insufficient to fully protect an organization, especially when API endpoint references, payload formats, and cryptographic keys can easily be found inside an app’s code and data,” said Aaron Lint, Arxan Chief Scientist and Vice President of Research. “Information implicitly contained within an app’s code gives an attacker the signposts necessary to enumerate the systems inside the perimeter of trust unless properly enabled with front-end protection technology.”

The online workshop series begins October 9th, with each installment addressing application protection for different industries, including: financial services, connected vehicles, connected healthcare and gaming. To register, visit

During the online workshops, Arxan security engineers will explore the components that make up a multi-layered application security strategy and offer practical advice for implementation. One of the most critical pieces of that strategy is threat intelligence data.

“The problem organizations face today is lack of visibility into app-level threats — threats that emerge before hitting an organization’s firewall or network,” said Rusty Carter, Arxan Vice President of Product Management. “You can’t effectively defend against attacks you don’t see, and you can’t adapt your app protection to prevent a breach if you can’t track and analyze what is happening after your app is released into the wild.”

Arxan’s Threat Analytics service provides such visibility, enabling organizations to spot attacks as they are happening and optimize defensive strategies. Arxan is kicking off a free 30-day trial of Threat Analytics during Cybersecurity Awareness Month in an effort to improve global application protection methods. To take advantage of the free trial, contact us

About Arxan Technologies

Arxan, a global trusted leader providing the industry’s most comprehensive application protection solutions, works with organizations looking to protect applications and to securely deploy and manage business-critical apps to the extended enterprise. Arxan currently protects more than one billion application instances across many industries including financial services, mobile payments, healthcare, automotive, gaming, and entertainment. Unlike legacy security providers that rely on perimeter-based barriers to keep bad actors out or that require device management controls, Arxan products protect at the application-level from the inside out. This approach protects the source and binary code to expand the corporate perimeter of trust. Arxan provides a broad range of patented security capabilities such as a dynamic app policy engine, code hardening, obfuscation, white-box cryptography and encryption, and threat analytics. Founded in 2001, Arxan is headquartered in North America with global offices in EMEA and APAC. For more information, please visit or follow @Arxan on Twitter.