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This announcement highlighted a platform that is no longer supported.

Mobile App Integrity Protection™ Platform Offers Tizen Developers Best-in-Class Application Security

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., May 22, 2013 – Arxan Technologies, the industry-leading provider of software security solutions that protect the App Economy, today announced their mobile app integrity protection platform now supports the Tizen OS, protecting Tizen apps from today’s most sophisticated and advanced cyber threats.


As enterprise, government, digital media and other industries increasingly leverage this open-source OS with new mobile applications, security vulnerabilities in both HTML5 and native Tizen application code continue to be a concern. Arxan’s EnsureIT® for Tizen offers unparalleled protection against malware, software piracy, fraud, and IP theft threats with automated and embedded software that is easy to deploy and durable.

As a sponsor of the Tizen Developer Conference May 22-24 in San Francisco, Arxan will offer attendees an inside look at vulnerabilities and risks specific to the Tizen OS including: hacker toolkits designed to attack applications through reverse-engineering, disassembly, or debugging mobile applications.

“The open-source nature of Tizen applications makes them susceptible to malware attacks,” said Kevin Morgan, CTO and vice president engineering, Arxan. “Similar to the evolution we’ve seen on Android and iOS, as the Tizen platform development continues adoption, companies need to be confident that developers have built in layered integrity protection that is customizable, low-impact and embedded directly into applications in order to achieve real security and protect valuable assets.”

One significant advantage of the Tizen OS is the ability to port code built between the Tizen OS and other platforms. Companies using Arxan’s EnsureIT family of products can leverage Tizen protection designs for iOS, Android, Linux, and the PowerPC platforms and benefit from an unrivaled breadth of platform coverage.

Tizen devices continue on the path toward commercialization and industry leaders such as Huawei, NTT DOCOMO, Orange, Samsung and Intel are fully supporting the shift toward openness and industry standardization to encourage the development of a robust ecosystem.

Samsung announced its intention to add to the Tizen ecosystem by launching Tizen devices in 2013 with Fujitsu and Huawei expected to introduce phones of their own later in the year. Tizen 2.0 Magnolia SDK and source code is now available to developers and the Tizen Store will launch later this year with thousands of apps. However, the limited security components of the Tizen App Market remain an issue.

Arxan will be showcasing EnsureIT for Tizen at the Tizen Developer Conference, giving attendees an opportunity to see the core features available to them. These include automateddefend, detect and react capabilities and the use of various security techniques  such as obfuscation, checksum, repair and anti-debug embedded directly into the software code of each application to ensure control, trust and tamper resistance.

To schedule a meeting at the Tizen Developer Conference, please email or call 831-247-5394.



Arxan protects the App Economy from attacks in distributed or untrusted environments with the world's strongest and most deployed application integrity protection products. Among today’s diverse computing platforms, mobile and tablet apps and packaged or embedded software are all exposed to hacking attacks such as reverse-engineering, tampering, insertion of malware/exploits, repackaging, fraud, intellectual property theft, and piracy. Arxan's unique patented Guarding technology enables sensitive or high-value applications to proactively guard their own integrity by defending, detecting, alerting, and reacting to hacking attacks through a risk-based, customized protection. Arxan’s self-defending and tamper-proof applications are deployed on more than 200 million devices by leading Fortune 500 organizations in high-tech, ISV, financial services, digital media, gaming, healthcare, and other industries. Arxan Technologies is headquartered in the United States with global offices in EMEA and APAC. Visit us at

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