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App Protection with Real-Time Threat Reporting that Easily Integrates into DevOps & CI/CD Processes

San Francisco, CA – February 20, 2019 Arxan Technologies, the trusted provider of application protection solutions, announced today a new rapid protection and threat detection capability designed into Arxan’s industry-leading mobile, hybrid and web app protection solutions.  As part of the DevOps process, Arxan now allows organizations to rapidly inject an essential set of code protections and threat detection sensors into an application after code development. Protections can be applied without the need for complex security configurations or deep security knowledge, all while maintaining full control of the code. With this revolutionary new approach, Arxan helps organizations establish a DevSecOps practice that integrates automated app security and ongoing optimization based on real threat data and app-level insights.

Now over four million apps are in Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store, and the majority of them are not sufficiently protected to stop even the most basic reverse engineering attack. Web apps are an even easier target since the majority of them utilize JavaScript, code that is sent in the clear and easily read. The growing skills shortage of app security expertise to properly protect apps before they are published only makes matters worse. The need has never been greater to protect apps running in zero-trust environments where they are subjected to evolving threats and attacks.

“With Arxan’s new, easy-to-deploy essential app protection, we have removed critical barriers to implement security measures during the post app development process, and provide unprecedented feedback and reporting on actual threats and behavior from inside the application itself. There should be no more excuses as to why all applications aren’t properly protected.” says Joe Sander, CEO of Arxan. “Organizations are investing heavily in DevOps to minimize time to market and maintain a competitive advantage. But, speed shouldn’t come at the expense of security, especially when sensitive data, customer trust, brand reputation and revenue are at risk,”

In addition to ease of implementing app security within the DevOps process, the key to stopping threats is to identify them as early as possible, during the initial phases of an attack. Arxan essential mobile and web app security solutions deliver code protection and real-time threat reporting with Threat Analytics from the moment an app is published. Threat data can then be used to determine compromised device status and discover how and when apps are being attacked. Additionally data insights can be viewed with Arxan’s analytics portal or be easily integrated into business intelligence, security information and event management (SIEM), or fraud prevention platforms to enhance existing decisioning systems with real data from inside the application. With this threat intelligence organizations can develop appropriate business responses, ranging from disabling app functionality, limiting or terminating account access, and creating more comprehensive app protection code to reinforce discovered vulnerabilities — all before threats can become widespread attacks.

Arxan offers the most comprehensive app protection solutions available that can detect and stop mobile, hybrid, web and desktop or server app attacks. Arxan’s enhanced protection offering now delivers essential threat protection and detection with a zero-configuration setup, offering:

  • Rapid time-to-protection - Unique initial protection and instrumentation of apps with Threat Analytics without any configuration
  • Real-time threat visibility - Know if, how and when apps are being attacked
  • Adaptive protection - App protection can be updated and changed without developer or test suite modification that fits into CI / CD between without disrupting development and testing

“Unprotected apps can become exploitable liabilities — allowing bad actors to attack the enterprise via signals within the app code, changes in the way an app interacts, by compromised API calls, and more. And today’s enterprises have limited resources and/or in-house expertise available to implement a comprehensive app security program, so they tend to focus all their efforts on one or two flagship apps and leave the rest unprotected. With Arxan essential app security, enterprises can add effective initial protection to all of their applications, and detect real-world threats they face with Threat Analytics, and then use that info to justify and deploy additional app security resources where they will be most impactful,” says Rusty Carter, VP of product management at Arxan.

About Arxan Technologies

Arxan, a global trusted leader providing the industry’s most comprehensive application protection solutions, works with organizations looking to protect applications and to securely deploy and manage business-critical apps to the extended enterprise. Arxan currently protects more than one billion application instances across many industries including financial services, mobile payments, medical devices, automotive, gaming, and entertainment. Unlike legacy security solutions that rely on perimeter-based barriers to keep bad actors out or that require device management controls, Arxan products protect at the application-level from the inside out. This approach protects the source and binary code to expand the corporate perimeter of trust. Arxan provides a broad range of patented security capabilities such as a dynamic app policy engine, code hardening, obfuscation, white-box cryptography and encryption, and threat analytics. Founded in 2001, Arxan is headquartered in North America with global offices in EMEA and APAC. For more information, please visit or follow @Arxan on Twitter.