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Key Note of Arxan’s Joachim Haas on the Challenges of Mobile Apps

München – 21. April 2015 – Arxan Technologies, the industry-leading provider of application protection solutions, is a business partner at the "Rethink! IT & Infrastructure Security Minds 2015“ conference on 27th and 28th  April in Berlin. The event of the we.CONECT Global Leaders GmbH that addresses decision makers of the IT security business informs about the current challenges of an integrated IT security management and moreover is an ideal platform for networking. In his keynote „Zeit zum Umdenken“ (27.4., 9.20 am) Joachim Haas, security expert and sales manager Central Europe at Arxan, will explain how applications in mobile and IoT computing are changing business processes.  He will also provide information on  the risks to digital companies and the need for application protection resulting from these changes.  

Mobile apps are both a blessing and a challenge. Integrating them in the business processes improves productivity and process efficiency, opens new revenue streams and creates additional channels on the mobile computing platform to address end user requirements for internal applications, as well as consumer applications. However, along with these new business opportunities,  mobile apps and IoT apps on a growing number of connected devices can pose major challenges to the digital enterprises.

As the application code must be released "out into the wild”, outside network perimeters, mobile apps are uniquely exposed to hacking attacks. Sensitive data run the risk of being stolen or tampered by hackers. In the case of an application attack, the enterprise faces reputational damage and financial losses amounting to millions. Arxan´s innovative application security solutions enable companies to effectively protect their sensitive applications and data, as found in mobile banking and payment applications, from hacker attacks and exploits. The same holds true for a number of use cases surfacing in IoT use cases, such as home automation, smart locks and the connected car.

To provide application self-protections, Gartner’s lead application security analyst, Joseph Feiman, advises CISO’s to ““Make application self-protection a new investment priority, ahead of perimeter and infrastructure protection”.[1]  

The most efficient point to insert application protections is after the completion of the development process, multi-layered and dynamic protection measures are inserted automatically into the binary (in-app protection). Finally the application has self-protection at rest and runtime and is able to detect and ward any attacks of manipulation, and to repair any damage. “Rethink! ITIS Minds 2015 conference provides its attendees exciting and informative key notes as well as interactive roundtables. It offers them the possibility to review their digital security and risk management strategy for their end users,” said Joachim Haas. “I am looking forward to many inspiring discussions.” Mehr Informationen zu Arxan Technologies finden Sie unter

Über Arxan Technologies

Arxan Technologies schützt die Integrität von Programmen und Applikationen. Mit der einzigartigen, patentierten Guarding-Technologie von Arxan schützen Anwendungen proaktiv ihre eigene Integrität durch die Abwehr, Erkennung, Meldung und Reaktion auf Hackerangriffe anhand einer individuell entwickelten Strategie. Dabei werden nicht nur Apps auf mobilen Geräten gesichert, sondern auch Server-, Desktop- und embedded Applikationen – inklusive dem Internet der Dinge (IoT). Mit Arxan-Technologie geschützte Anwendungen laufen auf mehr als 1 Milliarde Geräten und werden von führenden Unternehmen aus den Branchen Finanzdienstleistungen, Hightech, Softwareherstellung, Medien, Gaming, Produktion, Healthcare und anderen Branchen eingesetzt. Der Hauptsitz von Arxan Technologies befindet sich in Bethesda, Maryland, mit Niederlassungen weltweit. Weitere Informationen unter  


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