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IBM Security Intelligence and IBM MobileFirst Validations Endorse Arxan as IBM’s App Hardening and Tamper Proofing Partner IBM Pulse, Las Vegas, NV, February 24, 2014 – Arxan Technologies, the industry-leading provider of software security solutions that protect the App Economy, today announced that it has earned two validations from IBM after successfully completing the business partner validation process.  Arxan’s patented Guard technology can now be confidently used with the IBM® Security AppScan® and IBM® Worklight product offerings, and is the first and only IBM partner to be validated for its app hardening and tamper proofing capabilities for the mobile enterprise. As a result, the mobile enterprise will now benefit from these differentiated solutions that extend IBM’s capabilities to run-time protection and self-defense against hacking attacks and malicious exploits. In addition to traditional app security measures such as vulnerability scanning and penetration testing, mobile apps also require capabilities to defend themselves “out in the wild” against hacking attacks and exploits. 78 percent of top 100 paid iOS and Android apps have been found available as hacked versions on third-party sites1. 86 percent of mobile malware were found to be legitimate apps repackaged with malicious payloads2. Gartner has recommended app developers to “harden applications against reverse-engineering and code tampering”3.  In recognition of the unique risks for mobile apps, OWASP has added “Lack of Binary Protections” to its new Mobile Top Ten 2014 list of key risks4. “The App Economy presents tremendous innovation and productivity potential across consumer and enterprise apps, but this growing value also attracts malicious actors to compromise apps. We are pleased to join forces with IBM to help defend their customers’ mobile apps by making it easier for customers to build secure apps and keep them secure across the mobile app lifecycle,”said Mike Dager, CEO, Arxan Technologies. “Thispartnership further demonstrates our technology’s strategic relevance to IBM’s customers and portfolio.” “Arxan’s mobile app protection technology meets a critical need for customers to seamlessly add app hardening and tamper resistance defenses in their mobile apps,” said Caleb Barlow, Director of Application, Data and Mobile Security, IBM. “These new solutions complement IBM’s Security and MobileFirst products and further strengthen our ability to enable customers to protect their brand, revenue, intellectual property, and data from hackers and malicious exploits.” Arxan’s recent IBM Security and MobileFirst solution validations include:
  • Ready for Security Intelligence: IBM Security AppScan—software that enables organizations to assess the security of their applications and achieve regulatory compliance by identifying vulnerabilities and generating reports with remediation guidance. Arxan’s embedded protection extends app security from vulnerability testing to run-time protection to both “build it secure” during development and “keep it secure” in production. With new custom rules, AppScan can now also highlight application integrity risks and thus inform required run-time protections for Arxan.
  • Ready for IBM MobileFirst: IBM Worklight—a solution designed to provide an open, comprehensive platform to build, run and manage mobile apps—now has added self-defense and run-time protection by using Arxan. With an easy instrumentation during the build process, Worklight users can gain comprehensive Arxan app protection for their custom code and SDK libraries and add tamper-resistant jailbreak/root detection and package integrity capabilities. In addition, customers can use the Worklight console to receive automated threat alerts from Arxan protected apps. Arxan is the first security technology that has been validated with Worklight.
Arxan’s widely-adopted Guard technology provides durable, scalable, and broad application protection without any source code involvement. Arxan-protected applications are currently deployed on over 300 million devices. With its military-grade heritage with U.S. Department of Defense, Arxan provides the gold standard in hardening and tamper proofing apps against attacks such as malicious code modification or injection, reverse-engineering, code analysis, and other binary-level exploits. Arxan’s Dager continued, “In addition to these MobileFirst validations, Arxan is looking forward to continued innovation with IBM’s Trusteer and Fiberlink products in the near future.” Prospective customers can find more information on Arxan is exhibiting at IBM Pulse 2014 February 24-26 at booth T-12 in the Solution Expo. To schedule a meeting with an Arxan mobile app protection expert or to learn more about Arxan’s new solutions with IBM, please email 1 State of Security in the App Economy, Vol. 2, Arxan Technologies, Inc., 2013. 2 Dissecting Android Malware: Characterization and Evolution, 2012 IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy. 3 Avoiding Mobile App Development Security Pitfalls, Gartner, 2013. 4   ABOUT ARXAN TECHNOLOGIES Arxan protects the App Economy from attacks in distributed or untrusted environments with the world's strongest and most deployed application integrity protection products. Among today’s diverse computing platforms, mobile and tablet apps and packaged or embedded software are all exposed to hacking attacks such as reverse-engineering, tampering, insertion of malware/exploits, repackaging, fraud, intellectual property theft, and piracy. Arxan's unique patented Guarding technology enables sensitive or high-value applications to proactively guard their own integrity by defending, detecting, alerting, and reacting to hacking attacks through a risk-based, customized protection. Arxan’s self-defending and tamper-proof applications are deployed on more than 200 million devices by leading Fortune 500 organizations in high-tech, ISV, financial services, digital media, gaming, healthcare, and other industries. Arxan Technologies is headquartered in the United States with global offices in EMEA and APAC. Follow us @Arxan or Arxan: Protecting the App Economy™. Share your thoughts on application protection using hashtag #protectyourapps Media Contact:
Jodi Wadhwa Arxan Technologies 1-301-968-4295 jwadhwa@arxan.comNathan Beers MSLGROUP 1-512-777-0770