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Company sets the industry standard for software-based content protection across multiple devices, DRMs and operating systems, including Tizen LAS VEGAS, NAB 2013 (Booth #SU6325), April 8, 2013 – Arxan Technologies, the industry-leading provider of software security solutions that protect the global App Economy, announced today it will showcase its content protection solutions for multi-screen connected devices, OTT services and digital media applications -- the choice of major multimedia entertainment developers -- at NAB 2013, April 8-11 in Las Vegas at booth #SU6325. As digital distribution of media and entertainment continues to rapidly expand across devices, platforms and services, such as OTT and IPTV, premium content and critical applications have become the targets of nefarious exploits and hacks. These threats hinder innovative business models in today’s connected world as the underlying software that enables access controls, functionality or safeguards intellectual property (IP) is increasingly subject to hacker attacks on a growing number of platforms, such as set top boxes, game consoles or mobile devices. Arxan customers span the digital media ecosystem, from leading digital media application providers to conditional access and DRM providers, such as Widevine® (Google®), as well as Verimatrix, a global leader in securing and enhancing revenue for multi-network, multi-screen digital TV services. “Our customers appreciate the continuing investment in forward-thinking solutions to secure the revenue streams associated with digital content - and to stay one step ahead of increasingly sophisticated threats,” said Petr Peterka, chief technology officer, Verimatrix. “Our collaboration with Arxan effectively complements our efforts to protect both consumers and content providers in the ever-expanding digital ecosystem.” According to a recent report from Multimedia Research Group, Inc., “although conditional access systems (CAS) and digital rights management (DRM) are the linchpins of multiscreen security, a wide variety of additional security technologies have emerged to complement CAS and DRM, including watermarking, fingerprinting, software and key obfuscation, embedded root-of-trust, clone- and tamper-detection, and link-layer security.” Arxan provides a proven and broadly adopted solution to digital media security for these diverse components throughout the ecosystem. The company’s software-based content protection for both code and keys across multiple operating systems, such as iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, etc., fulfills the requirements of several DRM robustness rules, without compromising end-user experience. “Today’s App Economy enables consumers to access digital entertainment from multiple devices, platforms and services, creating a need for tamper-proof software protection solutions that developers can use to maintain the integrity of their content and business models,” said Mike Dager, chief executive officer, Arxan. “Arxan’s content protection solutions provide a multi-layered approach for multiple platforms, to secure digital entertainment and guard against threats such as reverse-engineering and tampering to prevent the loss of billions of dollars in piracy and intellectual property.” Arxan is a member of the Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (UltraViolet™), Consumer Electronics Association (CEA®), Marlin® Partner program and the PC Gaming Alliance®.   ABOUT ARXAN TECHNOLOGIES: Arxan Technologies Inc. protects the App Economy with the world's strongest and most deployed application integrity protection platform. Arxan's application integrity protection is an integral part of end-to-end application security required for distributed environments such as mobile and tablet apps, packaged or embedded software, and any software running in untrusted environments. Arxan's unique, patented Guarding technology protects the integrity of applications against hacking attacks, such as reverse-engineering, tampering, insertion of malware/exploits, repackaging, intellectual property theft, fraud and piracy. Arxan-protected applications are in production on over 200 million devices by leading Fortune 500 organizations in high-tech, ISV, financial services, media, gaming, and other industries. The Guarding technology proactively protects sensitive or high-value applications by defending, detecting, alerting, and reacting to hacking attacks through a threat-based, customizable approach to yield self-defending and tamper-proof apps. Arxan Technologies is headquartered in the United States with global offices in EMEA and APAC. For more information, please visit Follow us@Arxan or Arxan: Protecting the App Economy™. Share your thoughts on application protection using hashtag #protectyourapps CONTACT: Arxan Technologies, Inc. Lutz PR for Arxan Jodi Wadhwa Erin Lutz Phone: +1-301-968-4295 Phone: +1-949-293-1055