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München – 11. März 2015 –Vulnerability analysis and mobile application security, including runtime application self-protection from hacking threats like malware  – are the topics Arxan Technologies, the industry-leading provider of application protection solutions, is presenting at CeBIT (March 16.-20, 2015). Arxan’s trade fair presentation at the IBM partner booth (hall 2, A10) will focus on the integrated security solutions of IBM and Arxan. They enable enterprises and mobile application developers to identify vulnerabilities in their applications before they are released and to protect the integrity and confidentiality of the app against hacking attacks once deployed into the wild . Under the featured “d!conomy” theme, CeBIT 2015 is addressing the ubiquitous digitization that is ever more strongly shaping our workday and personal lives. Mobile application security is a decisive part in this, as insufficient protection against hackers and malware insertion jeopardizes our mobile apps and thus our sensitive data. Security breaches like the recently discovered Android exploit (that starts downloading apps on a device without being asked when opening a website) demonstrates once again the exposure to risks which enterprises and users are increasingly exposed to as mobile app usage exponentially increases. Arxan Application Protection for IBM Solutions provides integrated protection for mobile applications and their critical and sensitive binary code. This solution is being showcased by Arxan’s security expert, Mirko Brandner at the IBM partner booth.  The d!conomy can become more secure with developers adopting this ‘Scan+Protect’ best practice to mobile app security.   More specifically, the binary app risk that can compromise the confidentiality and integrity of mobile apps after their release and deployment can not only be identified using optimized scanning tools for binary risk, they can also be seamlessly secured as part of the build process from hacker attacks. Arxan Application Protection for IBM Solutions provides mobile app developers with the ability to embed application hardening and Runtime Application Self Protections (RASP) directly into the binary of an application to create self-protecting and tamper-proof applications. As such, enterprises and developers can efficiently protect their binary code against targeted hacker attacks and malware exploits that can lead to unauthorized access to sensitive data and ultimately financial loss and brand damage. “To successfully defend mobile apps against hackers, new proactive security measures are required. Enterprises that want to effectively protect themselves against tampering, reverse-engineering and piracy do not have an option,” said Joachim Haas, Sales Manager Central Europe, Arxan Technologies. “This is exactly what our partnership with IBM addresses: Our solutions enable enterprises and application developers to build trust into their applications without additional effort.”  The recent whitepaper titled: Securing Mobile Applications in the Wild with Arxan Application Self-Protection provides CeBIT attendees withmore in-depth informationon mobileapp threats and defenses to mitigate application risks.  To schedule a technology demonstration at the Arxan stand that showcases mobile app hacking and remediations, please email:   Mehr Informationen zu Arxan Technologies finden Sie unter, bzw. bei Twitter ( und Facebook (   Über Arxan Technologies Arxan Technologies schützt die Integrität von Programmen und Applikationen. Mit der einzigartigen, patentierten Guarding-Technologie von Arxan schützen Anwendungen proaktiv ihre eigene Integrität durch die Abwehr, Erkennung, Meldung und Reaktion auf Hackerangriffe anhand einer individuell entwickelten Strategie. Dabei werden nicht nur Apps auf mobilen Geräten gesichert, sondern auch Server-, Desktop- und embedded Applikationen – inklusive dem Internet der Dinge (IoT). Mit Arxan-Technologie geschützte Anwendungen laufen auf mehr als 1 Milliarde Geräten und werden von führenden Unternehmen aus den Branchen Finanzdienstleistungen, Hightech, Softwareherstellung, Medien, Gaming, Produktion, Healthcare und anderen Branchen eingesetzt.Der Hauptsitz von Arxan Technologies befindet sich in Bethesda, Maryland, mit Niederlassungen weltweit. Weitere Informationen unter|   Pressekontakte: Arxan Technologies Jodi Wadhwa Tel. +1 301 968 4295 Fax +1 301 968 4291 E-Mail:   PR-Agentur: Weissenbach PR Bastian Schink, Dorothea Keck Tel. +49 (0) 89 5506 7775 Fax +49 (0) 89 5506 7790 E-Mail: Web: