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Arxan´s Innovative Software Solution GuardIT Protects Valuable Audio Plug-Ins   München – March, 9. 2015 –In terms of piracy protection, the Plugin Alliance LLC, a leading provider of high-quality audio plug-ins, relies on the innovative and unique guarding technology of Arxan Technologies, the industry-leading provider of application protection solutions. Thanks to Arxan´s security solution, GuardIT®, valuable audio plug-ins that are used in music production and audio editing are now effectively protected against piracy and reverse-engineering. Thus, Plugin Alliance is able to provide developers with the security they require with minimal impact on the development process. Software and application based audio production systems have become the norm for music production. By now, Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) software packages have replaced the giant mixing consoles and tape machines of the past and software audio plugins to enhance, and manipulate sound have replaced the racks of processors. But the digitization of the recording studios also poses new challenges for the industry as software piracy and reverse-engineering represent a growing threat to enterprises and developers and cause enormous economic damages each year. For this reason the Plugin Alliance LLC relies on Arxan´s extensive GuardIT solution to protect its valuable high-class plug-ins against reverse-engineering. The unique application hardening technology of GuardIT 1) ensures effective content protection that is integrated into the binary separately from the development process, 2) secures sensitive keys and data and 3) prevents tampering. “In terms of software protection we have moved from traditional dongles to a pure software solution some time ago,” said Dirk Ullrich, CEO, Plugin Alliance. “This offers many advantages: It’s a hardware-independent solution that can be used simultaneously on several computers. The collaboration with Arxan helps us to make our plug-ins even more secured. The Arxan solution enables us, to effectively prevent hacking attacks and reverse-engineering without negatively affecting our customer’s experience.” "The Plugin Alliance plug-ins are an irreplaceable part of my work,“ said twelve-time Grammy-winning producer— engineer-mixer Rafa Sardina, who has worked with, amongst others, Lady Gaga, Stevie Wonder, Elvis Costello and The Roots, Calle13 and D’Angelo. “I support Plugin Alliance in providing a valuable network and tools for my workflow and understand how important it is for their IP to be protected, so the fact that Arxan can add such high security standards while maintaining the current, customer-friendly system is really great!” “Software piracy is a serious problem in the recording market,“ said Vince Arneja,Vice President Product Management at Arxan. “Upscale plug-ins like those that are provided by Plugin Alliance LLC are particularly at risk. But the GuardIT solution helps the Plugin Alliance developers to protect their intellectual property – without additional effort in the development process.”     Follow Arxan: Twitter: Blog: LinkedIn: Facebook: Google+: About Plugin Alliance LLC Plugin Alliance LLC is a pro audio software marketing and distribution company based in Wilmington, Delaware with offices in Santa Cruz, California.  Far more than just a web site, Plugin Alliance is a new “Über-standard”, supporting all major plug-in formats and uniting some of the best-known international audio companies under one virtual roof.   About Arxan Technologies Arxan Technologies schützt die Integrität von Programmen und Applikationen. Mit der einzigartigen, patentierten Guarding-Technologie von Arxan schützen Anwendungen proaktiv ihre eigene Integrität durch die Abwehr, Erkennung, Meldung und Reaktion auf Hackerangriffe anhand einer individuell entwickelten Strategie. Dabei werden nicht nur Apps auf mobilen Geräten gesichert, sondern auch Server-, Desktop- und embedded Applikationen – inklusive dem Internet der Dinge (IoT). Mit Arxan-Technologie geschützte Anwendungen laufen auf mehr als 1 Milliarde Geräten und werden von führenden Unternehmen aus den Branchen Finanzdienstleistungen, Hightech, Softwareherstellung, Medien, Gaming, Produktion, Healthcare und anderen Branchen eingesetzt.Der Hauptsitz von Arxan Technologies befindet sich in Bethesda, Maryland, mit Niederlassungen weltweit. Weitere Informationen unter     Pressekontakte: Arxan Technologies Jodi Wadhwa Tel. +1 301 968 4295 Fax +1 301 968 4291 E-Mail: Web: PR-Agentur: Weissenbach PR Bastian Schink, Dorothea Keck Tel. +49 (0) 89 5506 7775 Fax +49 (0) 89 5506 7790 E-Mail: Web: