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Apperian’s Mobile Application Management and Security Platform to Support the Transformation of the Premier Mail and Parcel Delivery Business in the Netherlands

BOSTON – May 24, 2016 – Apperian® Inc., the mobile application management (MAM®) company, today announced that PostNL, a mail, parcel and e-commerce corporation with operations in the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Belgium and the United Kingdom, has selected Apperian to secure and distribute mobile apps to about 50,000 employees, including mailmen, office workers, drivers and contract workers. In an effort to modernize its business, PostNL is shifting from a traditional mail delivery service to one with a large operation online, using cloud and mobile technologies to streamline its business processes. In doing so, the company needed a comprehensive mobile strategy to not only support its customers, but also to reach internal and extended enterprise workers, especially its growing population BYOD employees. As PostNL mobilizes its customer experience, it’s leveraging Apperian as a continuous integration, continuous development (CICD) platform for consumer and enterprise apps. Apperian is helping PostNL improve early stage development efforts as well as streamline testing by automating certificate handling with Apperian’s app signing engine. “With the majority of our workforce shifting from using corporate-owned devices to BYOD, it’s critical that we’re able to securely distribute mobile apps to them,” said Babs Meelhuysen, Service Portfolio Manager of Enterprise Mobility at PostNL. “By deploying Apperian’s standalone MAM platform alongside our MDM solution, which targets corporate-owned industrial devices, we’re now able to reach 100% of users. We can test and deploy apps quickly and securely, allowing us to focus our efforts on developing innovative apps that improve both PostNL workers’ and customers’ mobile experiences. We are very happy with the service Apperian is providing, both on a technical and personal level, and are excited to see our partnership grow.” By the end of next year, nearly every PostNL worker will have access to enterprise apps on either their personal device, or their corporate issued one and testing of all apps for PostNL workers and customers will be expanded to a broad set of testers. Every aspect of Apperian’s mobile application management and security platform will be utilized to ensure the secure access of apps on devices not under corporate management, including:
  • Mobile app security that protects access to sensitive information at the app-level.
  • A private, branded enterprise app store for deploying apps to 100% of PostNL workers.
  • Security, management and analytics policies without requiring code modifications or SDKs applied via app wrapping.
  • Mobile app lifecycle management capabilities, including version control of apps, that helps PostNL save four hours of app management time per week per app.
“With the number of BYOD and extended enterprise users outpacing the number of users working with corporate-owned devices, it’s critical that organizations have a secure way of deploying mobile apps to everyone,” said Brian Day, CEO of Apperian. “More companies are recognizing the limitations of MDM-based mobility management in reaching the extended enterprise and realizing the need to either bolster the reach and scale of an MDM system already in place, or replace it entirely by implementing MAM as a standalone solution. PostNL is a pioneer in transforming its internal processes for mail and parcel delivery and is embracing the latest enterprise mobility technologies to deliver the best customer and employee experience possible.” To learn more Apperian’s solutions, visit About Apperian Apperian is the leading enterprise-class mobile application management (MAM®) and security platform for the delivery of critical apps to 100% of users across an organization. Apperian provides fine-grained security and dynamic policy controls at the individual app level for deployments where mobile device management approaches are not possible or desired, such as BYOD, contract workers and other unmanaged devices. Apperian’s easy to use interface offers a private, branded consumer-like enterprise app store that greatly increases mobile app adoption and a comprehensive app management back-end for administrators to easily protect and manage their business apps and data. The company has helped IT and line of business professionals secure and deliver more than 2 million enterprise apps to organizations such as ACE Hardware, Amtrak, Land O’Lakes, NVIDIA, Nationwide, New Balance, and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Apperian is headquartered in Boston with teams throughout the U.S., Europe, and Asia. Watch a 5 minute platform demo video at to learn more and follow the company on Twitter at @Apperian and LinkedIn at Apperian, Inc. Media Contact: Sarah Borup SHIFT Communications 617-779-1803