Application Protection for IoT and Embedded

Internet of Things or IoT applications are among the largest and fastest growing segments of software applications. According to some estimates, there will be over 25 Billion IoT devices connected by the year 2020. These devices are connected in many cases with end-points, gateways, and servers with software applications and binary code running underneath the entire infrastructure. The binary code on these devices has become the weakest link as hackers can easily break in and exploit the code for various seriously damaging activities from stolen information to loss of lives. From telecommunications, medical devices to automation and digital media, software is reshaping every segment of the consumer electronic and embedded software industry.

These embedded software applications are also vulnerable to code-based attacks of tampering and reverse-engineering when they are deployed in distributed and un-trusted environments.

Arxan’s application protection solutions protect keys, code, data and intellectual property in IoT and embedded software. Global application providers including industry leaders in digital media, telecommunications, healthcare and biometrics companies have turned to Arxan to successfully protect their software assets and preserve revenues as they launch new products and services.