Application Protection for JavaScript

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Ability to write code once that can run anywhere makes JavaScript widely popular. JavaScript powers a multitude of app, open source UI, and game frameworks, servers, terminal-based workflow tools, animation libraries, and many other applications. JavaScript is supported by every major browser and is the only web programming language built for both client-side and server-side. However, the fact that the code is stored as clear text files makes JavaScript applications vulnerable to security risks. Encryption alone will not help, it requires a fundamentally a different approach to address security risks inherent in JavaScript applications. JavaScript is vulnerable to reverse-engineering and tampering attacks. Attackers can use these attack techniques to realize the following pervasive threats:
  • IP, keys, and runtime data can be easily stolen
  • Business logic can be used to create patches & knock-offs
  • Understanding the functionality and app/server protocols can help enable backend attacks
  • Defacing and brand damaging attacks can be enacted where 0-day or new system vulnerabilities are discovered

Arxan Offers a Comprehensive Solution to Secure JavaScript; and Prevent IP Loss, Brand Damage, Financial Loss, and Compliance Risks

Arxan Application Protection for JavaScript provides protection for JavaScript-based applications including Hybrid iOS and Android apps, and browser-based web applications. Arxan’s proprietary technology protects businesses against numerous attacks including intellectual property theft of business logic and encryption material, and tampering including cheating & replay-attacks. Businesses developing JavaScript applications need to secure their application code, and Arxan provides the protection needed for JavaScript across Web, and IoT, in addition to holistic Mobile protection that leverages Arxan’s suite of protection in Hybrid applications. Arxan Application Protection for JavaScript:
  • Prevents IP Loss
  • Prevents Reverse-Engineering
  • Prevents Code Tampering
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