Mobile Application Protection

The rapid adoption of mobile computing has created an app-centric global marketplace, ushering in new mobile applications that are driving new business models and revenue. As hackers increasingly target both consumers and enterprise mobile apps, app developers and corporate IT departments must quickly plug security gaps and launch strong and agile app protection measures.

A mobile app is exposed to Confidentiality and Integrity Risks, as summarized in the exhibit below:


There are many attack vectors that hackers are using:


Arxan’s Mobile Application Protection Products allow you to safeguard mobile apps that are vulnerable to code-based attacks when they are deployed in distributed and un-trusted environments.

Benefits: Arxan’s application protection prevents:

  • Reverse engineering/de-compilation
  • Spoofing of apps to access sensitive data
  • Malware insertion
  • Intellectual property theft and piracy
  • Tampering with security controls or sensitive functions
  • Unauthorized access and fraud

Arxan enables Runtime Application Self Protection (RASP) that helps to ensure that your application behaves as you intended it to – and that no malware is modifying what the application does!

Arxan’s application protection products are proven, patented, resilient and inserted directly into the application (in its binary form). Our products:

  • Do not impact the software development lifecycle (SDLC) and core functionality at run-time.
  • Require no changes to the source code
  • Seamlessly integrate into the build process
  • Offer Passive Protection (that protects your app while resident on your device) and Active Protection (that protects your app at run-time) built right into your app
  • Leverage a vast array of protection techniques: Obfuscation, Encryption, Checksum, Debugger Detection, Authentication, Value Verification, Repair, Standard Reactions, Alerts
  • Are tunable so you can establish the level of robustness/ security

And , since our Guards are embedded into the application, protection is not tied to the mobile computing device; your mobile application protection goes where your app goes. 

Arxan secures Mobile SDKs and Wearables Development Kits (WDKs). Read a case study to learn how one company prevented intellectual property (IP) theft by securing their mobile SDK / library.

View a short video about how we protect applications:

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