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Professional Services

Arxan experts help implement application protection to accelerate time to market and evolve protection throughout the application lifecycle.

Arxan Application Protection Options

  • Application Penetration Testing
  • Architecture Workshop
  • Arxan Cryptography Quickstart
  • Arxan Code Protection Quickstart
  • Protection Review and Update
  • Arxan Resident Engineer (ARE)
  • Managed Services Engineer (MSE)

Apperian App Management Options

  • API Development to help integrate Apperian platform data with internal tools
  • App Catalog Rebranding & Development to deliver highly configured app catalogs
  • Advanced Analytics to get a deeper understanding of Return on Mobile Investment (ROMI)
  • Quickstart to get customers up and running even faster

The Arxan Enterprise Solution

Comprehensive and designed to deliver real, sustained value

Multi-Layered App Protection

Adaptive app and data protection prevents tampering, IP theft and reverse engineering — Learn More

Visibility & Intelligence

Real-time analytics and predictive intelligence against potential threats — Learn More

Advanced Threat Team

Industry-recognized security thought-leaders with more than 50 years of experience — Learn More

Enterprise Customer Success

Comprehensive suite of services, tailored to each enterprise’s singular needs — Learn More