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Public Sector App Security

Intelligence agents in the field, emergency personnel, first responders, local law enforcement, government contractors and members of the military are more effective with mobile information at their fingertips — whether it’s on a device you’ve issued or their own. 

A system of record for app governance must provide:
  • App-level security, regardless of existing device security framework, to protect sensitive information even if device-level security is compromised
  • Secure network and data access for bring your own device (BYOD) and government-issued smartphones or tablets
  • Integration with enterprise identity systems to restrict access only to authorized people

Public Sector Scenarios

Endpoint Management

Secure the ultimate endpoint — your apps & data — even if device-level security is compromised.

Extended Enterprise

Supply critical information to pilots, ship and submarine personnel, or contractors, even if their mobile devices are beyond the direct purview of your agency’s IT professionals.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Deploy secured apps to the personal devices of direct employees and third-party contractors.

Apperian Achieved TSA Authority to Operate (ATO)

TSA’s certification involved a detailed and highly scrutinized accreditation process that includes a thorough testing to validate the security and stability of the technology.

Apperian App Management

Public Sector Use Cases

Civilian Law Enforcement

An agency with more than 65,000 personnel throughout the United States required a secure solution for distributing work apps to the personal devices of agents. Mobile device management (MDM) was not feasible for BYOD, so the agency opted to use Apperian. Now, agents can use their own phone while on the job, commuting, or at home to read corporate news and file e-forms at their convenience.


Defense organizations recognize the new tactical edge for missions is the mobile environment. The drive to mobile requires providing personnel in the field access to critical information. Whether it’s deployment info, real-time intelligence, or training materials, this highly sensitive classified information requires the highest standards of mobile security. 

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