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Today’s workers – and especially the new entrants to the workforce – expect rich and full mobile support with connectivity to systems historically found in the office. As end-user expectations are evolving, so is the technology landscape. The benefits of getting mobility working in the enterprise can be significant, and the findings from this survey show clearly maturing expectations from today’s mobility executives.

For the fourth consecutive year, the Apperian Executive Enterprise Mobility Survey has gleaned responses from more than 100 mobility professionals across more than 10 industries.

In this report, CITO Research analyzes the survey results and suggests a program for taking advantage of the lessons that emerge from the data. This report examines key mobile trends year over year, describes drivers of success, and concludes with recommendations for expanding enterprise mobility programs.

2017 Enterprise Mobility Report Contents

  • Introduction: Survey Demographic Characteristics
  • Increase Productivity, Create Opportunities
  • Mobility Pain Points: Complexity and Security
  • The Scale and Scope of Enterprise Mobility
  • How Mobility is Driven, Measures and Improved
  • Recommendations for Enterprise Mobility Programs

To hear Dan Woods, CTO and Editor of CITO Research, and Mark Lorion, President and General Manager of Apperian, share recommendations for enterprise mobility programs based on the results of this survey, watch an on-demand webinar recording here

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