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Protecting Apps in a Zero-Trust World

As apps become more sophisticated and integrated with ever-expanding corporate infrastructure, the need to protect customer information and business data is greater than ever.

Apps for Customers

  • Protect - app protection to rapidly shield against reverse engineering threats without complex security configurations
  • Alert - integrated, real-time threat detection to provide a clear picture of an apps operational threat posture
  • Encrypt - Secure keys and data with white-box cryptographic encryption to protect data-at-rest and in-transit

Apps for the Workforce

Secure Any App, Reach Every User

  • Manage - internally distribute apps with data security and dynamic policy controls at the individual app-level across organizations where mobile device management (MDM) approaches are not possible or desired, such as BYOD, contract workers and other unmanaged devices

Securing this new endpoint – applications and the data passing through – against exploitation is key to preventing brand damage, financial loss, intellectual property theft and government penalties.

Download the brief to learn more about how Arxan can help protect all of your B2C, B2B and B2E applications from today’s threats.

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