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Protect Mobile and Web Apps in Minutes with Real-Time Threat Visibility

Mobile and web apps are ideal soft targets for attack unless they are hardened against reverse engineering. Once apps are operating in a zero-trust environment, secure coding practices or perimeter-based network security measures simply aren’t enough to prevent reverse engineering. These traditional approaches also fail to provide feedback about whether a device is compromised or if an app is under attack.

Arxan’s rapid app protection helps overcome these vulnerabilities by integrating app code protections and threat detection sensors, providing:

  • Essential, unmatched app protection within minutes
  • Streamlined integration with DevSecOps and CI/CD environments
  • Immediate risk-level notifications the moment an app is published
  • Real-time verification that apps are running and protection is working
  • Rapid response capabilities to disable app functionality, shut down attacker accounts, and adjust protective measures based on discovered threats

Download this eBook to learn how to incorporate Arxan rapid app security into the app development, security and production lifecycle.

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