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Protect JavaScript Applications from Client-Side Attacks

When it comes to protecting your JavaScript web applications, perimeter security alone just isn't enough. To defend your web apps from client-side attacks, you need protection that not only prevents reverse engineering and malware attacks, but that alerts you at the first sign of tampering or code analysis. 

Arxan for Web is easy to deploy and offers multi-layered security that includes:

  • Passive protection - obfuscates code, making it harder for attackers to understand and analyze for reverse engineering
  • Active protection - in the event of code analysis, tampering or malware attacks, the browser can be shut down or attacked code can be repaired
  • Real-time alerting - notifies organizations of attempted code tampering or analysis via Arxan Threat Analytics to quarantine suspicious accounts and update code protections

Download the Arxan for Web solution brief to learn more about protecting web apps from client-side attacks. 

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