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Enabling your dealers with mobile apps and access to content can deliver enormous business benefits ranging from improving end-customers’ experience with your brand, driving higher levels of revenue, and improving dealer and sales productivity.

There is a growing list of impressive mobile apps that can supply dealers up-to-the-minute product information, provide “side-by-side selling” and product presentation tools, and even mobile apps that help dealers and sales people to optimally configure products to capture orders in real-time. However, many companies struggle with finding effective ways to securely deploy and distribute mobile apps and content to their dealer networks and contract selling teams. This is because the end-users of your mobile apps are generally not employed by your organization and their mobile devices are typically beyond the reach of your IT department to control and manage.

This guide is intended to help educate companies and brands that want to mobile-enable dealers and dealer networks to feel confident sourcing a mobile application management solution best-suited for dealers.

Topics include:

  • Enterprise Mobile “Apps that Matter”
  • Mobile-enabling the “Distributed Enterprise”
  • Limitations of Legacy Mobile Management
  • Need for Mobile Application Management (MAM®)
  • MAM Capabilities and Your Requirements (i.e., onboarding, inspecting, security policies, app signing, deploying to end users)
  • The Value of Collecting App Usage, Feedback and Analytics
  • Enterprise Integration and Platform Extensibility
  • Bonus: MAM Platform Evaluation Checklist

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