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As the workforce becomes increasingly dispersed and mobile, IT groups across users of Apperian App Management are building a vast range of company-wide apps and utilities to improve employee productivity. Many of the IT teams behind these projects assume that as soon as their apps are released, employees will be excited to download and make use of them but that's not always the case.

The reality was that some organizations struggle to see the app adoption rates that they had hoped for and needed to see in order to realize a return on investment.

Challenges around app adoption: 

  • Are the apps reaching the right people?
  • How can we promote the availability of the apps and the end-user value of the apps?
  • Are apps being used as they should?
  • Are the apps evolving as they should?
  • How can we maximize the app’s impact on business ROI?
  • And, perhaps most important, how do we get our IT people to think like marketers, and if that’s not possible, how can we engage marketing in the app deployment process?

Download this case study for best practices for app adoption from the Apperian App Management Customer Success. 

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