Mobile Apps under Attack – How to Secure and Protect Your Apps

NamedTop five IT Security Webinars of 2012 by BrightTALK!

Presented by: Vince Arneja, VP Product Management, Arxan
James Lynn, Practice Principal, HP Fortify

The mobile App Economy is growing explosively as businesses are seeking to embrace innovation to provide new products and services to consumers, partners, and employees.

However, malicious hackers and criminal organizations are now targeting these applications with a growing number of sophisticated attacks.

Security of mobile apps, rather than devices, has become the new focal point as well as a top level concern for all stakeholders.

In this webinar, mobile security experts, James Lynn, Practice Principal HP Fortify and Vince Arneja, VP of Product Management of Arxan Technologies will explore the mobile application threat landscape to identify a wide range of threats from vulnerability based attacks to reverse engineering and tampering attacks. The presenters will also address how to achieve comprehensive mobile application securitywithin the SDLC to manage risk and exposure for B2C, B2E and B2B applications and protect today’s App Economy from theft, fraud, malware invasion, and tampering. You will gain insights how to develop and launch vulnerability-free, self-defending, and tamper-proofed applications that can withstand the new attacks.

Arxan Technologies is the leader in protecting the App Economy with application protection solutions that are deployed on over one hundred million devices by Fortune 500 and global financial services. HP Fortify is the leader in Software Security Assurance with solutions that contain, remove, and prevent software vulnerabilities.