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Code obfuscation is transforming a software program into code that’s difficult to disassemble and understand, but has the same functionality as the original. In this way, the software remains completely functional but extremely challenging to reverse engineer.

Obfuscation makes applications extremely challenging to reverse engineer to safeguard intellectual property. With Arxan code obfuscation, app functionality executes exactly as intended, but cybercriminals will be inhibited from understanding the app's original functionality. 

Arxan’s advanced obfuscation techniques go far beyond simple method renaming and string obfuscation. Arxan’s approach provides strong binary-level obfuscation, increasing the level of security, as well as the providing the ability to fine-tune code performance and size. With Arxan’s code obfuscation, organizations can prevent app tampering, deter reverse engineering and safeguard intellectual property and critical data.

Gartner Market Guide for In-App Protection

“Self-defending applications become crucial as modern architectures migrate software logic to the client side.”