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Arxan's application and mobile app protection solutions go beyond Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) by providing layered and adaptive app protection and data encryption ensuring apps are protected against run-time attacks, are defended against reverse engineering and are able to maintain secure communications with key encryption.

Arxan’s application protection delivers Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) and more by being able to detect and prevent reverse engineering and IP theft by:

  • Verifying runtime application code and data integrity
  • Determining if an app is being actively attacked
  • Obfuscating and encrypting cryptographic keys required for communication
  • Detecting malicious code redirects and risky environments
  • Responding to runtime attacks with customizable actions, which can include replacing tampered code with the original code, degrading app performance, or terminating the app
  • Alerting monitoring systems of an attack to take appropriate action that could include reducing access rights and building countermeasures into future app builds

Gartner Market Guide for In-App Protection

“Self-defending applications become crucial as modern architectures migrate software logic to the client side.”