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Unfortunately, common practice is not to assume cryptographic keys will be stored in untrusted environments, making them vulnerable to application attacks, such as reverse engineering. White-box cryptography uses encryption, obfuscation, and mathematical transformations to secure keys and critical data inside applications running in untrusted environments.

Arxan’s White-Box Cryptography protects static and dynamic keys, as well as sensitive application data, by keeping the most critical elements out of sight and hardened against attackers. Arxan White-Box Cryptography supports all major cryptographic algorithms and modes while requiring only a minimal code footprint to achieve optimal application performance.

Gartner Market Guide for Application Shielding

“Protecting applications that run within untrusted environments is ever more crucial as mobile and IoT become ubiquitous, and as web applications modernize, bringing more intelligence to the client. Security and risk management leaders must harden their application front ends to avoid turning them into an attack vector.” — Dionisio Zumerle, Manjunath Bhat