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APIs are more than a tool for integration: they are changing the way companies do business. APIs enable new business models and faster time-to-market, make it easier to drive digital transformation, and make it possible to create better customer experiences for web and mobile apps. But without a comprehensive API strategy, enterprises will be hard pressed to expand access to corporate assets without unnecessary risk. Today most organizations don’t even know how many APIs they’ve deployed, let alone if they are secure. That’s a scary proposition when you consider that API exploits are expected to become the most frequent attack vector for enterprises over the next two years.

In this webinar, guest speaker Randy Heffner of Forrester and Arxan’s Ken Jochims discuss how APIs are driving digital innovation, how these changes expand an organization’s attack surface, and what organizations should consider when it comes to protecting APIs. You’ll learn:

  • How many enterprises are using APIs today
  • The security risks and common attack scenarios facing APIs
  • The key components to comprehensive API protection
  • Why it’s important to incorporate API security as part of DevOps
  • How to get started with an API security strategy

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