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Why You Need App Specific Security

Think the attacks that breached two international air carriers' applications can't happen to your organization? If you're relying on network or device security solutions to protect your apps, you might want to think again. 

Web and mobile applications are the most common weak point in an organization's security posture, and that includes financial services institutions. Traditional security measures like firewalls, WAFs or device solutions can't defend web and mobile apps from reverse engineering or tampering. 

To adequately protect APIs, customer data, valuable IP and your backend systems, you need to rethink your security approach. Join Arxan Senior Security Engineer Chris Mizell and Director of Product Marketing Ken Jochims to learn:

  1. How to protect your mobile and web banking application with app shielding technology
  2. How visibility into your app ecosystem can help stop attackers and prevent breaches
  3. How to implement app protection without getting in the way of your development cycle


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