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Connected medical applications are an increasingly common part of today’s healthcare: from pacemakers and insulin pumps to wearable monitoring devices and telemedicine, patients are using apps to facilitate and manage their health. However, persistent and unmitigated vulnerabilities in medical device hardware, and applications are putting sensitive protected health information (PHI) and patient safety at risk.

In this webinar, special guest and Forrester Senior Analyst Chris Sherman discuss the medical device and application cybersecurity risks healthcare companies face, along with the potential impacts to patient safety, data privacy, and device integrity. Arxan Director of Security Engineering Matt Clemens also shares:

  • How to improve patient safety, and prevent theft of sensitive patient information or valuable intellectual property using a layered security approach
  • How to protect healthcare applications against reverse engineering using code hardening, obfuscation, and key and data encryption
  • How threat monitoring and alerting counters threats in real-time and enables proactive attack response

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