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What’s standing between many mobile apps and an epic breach? According to new research, about 8.5 minutes.

A study conducted by global research and advisory firm Aite Group examined the protective capabilities of 30 different financial services applications found on the Google Play store. Using commonly available software tools, study author and Aite senior cybersecurity analyst Alissa Knight discovered nearly all of the apps could be easily reverse engineered – in less than nine minutes on average – exposing sensitive information such as personally identifiable information, account credentials, intellectual property, QA/test and production API urls, private certificates, and API keys/locations.

In this webinar, Knight and Arxan chief scientist Aaron Lint discuss the report findings and share best practices to enhance mobile app protection. You’ll learn:

  • Common app vulnerabilities and the sensitive information they can reveal
  • Top development mistakes that lead to data exposure
  • Strategies for implementing app protection into the software development lifecycle

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