Industry Solutions

Who We Help

Arxan secures applications for a range of industries to address a variety of application protection needs.

Our solutions are protecting applications across verticals, including:

The below table provides an overview of the types of companies we protect and the value our security provides. For more information on a specific industry, please click on a link above.

Value We Deliver

Prevent copying of applications or application logicPrevent the modification of applications including the insertion of malicious codePrevent unauthorized access to software and digital assetsEnsure that the environment in which mobile apps are running is safe
We protect the investment you’ve made to create your software and ensure that people are paying for it when they should beWe prevent people from bypassing application security controls, inserting code that enables fraud (e.g., stealing of customer data or execution of un-authorized financial transactions)We ensure the people who are supposed to get access to a movie, song, online game, or software application are getting it…. and those that aren’t do not!We let you know when your mobile app is running in an environment that you deem untrustworthy
High value software (running on clients/desktops or servers)Prevent IP theft and protect your R&D investmentPrevent fraud Protect confidential dataProtection of license management software
Distribution of digital assetsPrevent copying of movies, songs, TV shows, etc.Protection of digital rights management software
Mobile appsPrevent distribution of apps on unauthorized sites or to unauthorized usersPrevent fraud
Protect confidential data
Prevent bypass of security controls
Protection to ensure that apps are not running on jailbroken devices
GamingPrevent gaming knock-offsPrevention of cheating
and elevation of privilege
Protection of online games
Apps embedded in manufactured items – medical devices, appliances, homes, automobilesEnsure the integrity of applications that are embedded on chips, networks, appliances, etc.