Mobile Payments & Banking Apps Protection

For hackers, payment information is the holy grail of online data. Protect this sensitive data and prevent fraudulent transactions by ensuring cryptographic keys and sensitive data cannot be discovered while at rest, in transit or at runtime.

  • Prevent code tampering and reverse engineering attacks
  • Secure cryptographic keys so keys cannot be discovered at any time
  • Protect data at-rest, in-transit and in-use
  • Make your mobile banking apps resilient
  • Get compliant with Federal Guidelines

Connected Medical Devices
(Healthcare IoT) Protection

People entrust their personal safety and lives to medical devices every day – from pacemakers and insulin pumps to hospital infusion pumps and other devices. Arxan helps you secure your apps to thwart hacker attacks by stopping them from:

  • Accessing sensitive information and data
  • Copying of applications or application logic
  • Stealing cryptographic keys
  • Modifying of applications
  • Inserting malicious code

Connected Automobiles
(Automotive IoT) Protection

Connected car (IoT) infrastructure is ripe for hacker attacks. Arxan helps you secure your connected car apps by stopping hackers from:

  • Perform reverse engineering and tampering attacks
  • Inserting malware
  • Stealing cryptographic keys
  • Copying applications or application logic
  • Accessing sensitive information and data

Application Programming Interface
(API) Protection

Hackers often use client apps as an attack gateway to back-end servers, by creating unofficial APIs and using them to build unauthorized apps for malicious purpose. This can result in exposing applications and sensitive data on back-end servers. Arxan secures your APIs by preventing hackers from:

  • Code-lifting and code-tampering attacks
  • Steal cryptographic keys
  • Accessing sensitive information and data
  • Copying applications or application logic
  • Inserting of malicious code

Gaming Protection

Hackers love to clone popular games then collect subscription revenues from their cracked copies of the original. Arxan helps you protect the integrity of your game’s brand, assets, stories and characters by stopping hackers from:

  • Tampering and reverse engineering
  • Stealing secrets
  • Code-lifting
  • Piracy and cheating
  • Game Economy

Digital Media Protection

Piracy is rampant across the Web, with illegal reproduction and distribution of copyrighted materials through a variety of technical means. Arxan helps you secure your digital media apps by stopping hackers from:

  • Copying and pirating of your assets
  • IP Theft/ Counterfeiting
  • Stealing decrypted content from the player

High-Tech Protection

Arxan is the trusted leader in high-tech application attack-prevention and self-protection. Arxan’s solution empowers high-tech companies and ISVs:

  • Prevent bypass of license management policies and controls
  • Prevent piracy
  • Determine if mobile apps are running in safe environment
  • Prevent modification of applications

How Arxan Secures and Protects
Your Applications

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