Application Protection for Software Providers – including Software Vendors (ISVs) and Businesses that leverage high value software for their Customers, Products and Operations

ISVs Whether your core business is selling software (related to customer relationship management, enterprise resource management, database management, etc.) or software is a key element of your business, Arxan can protect your applications.

Arxan helps software providers by:

  • Preventing bypass of license management policies and unauthorized access to applications
  • Preventing the copying of applications or application logic/intellectual property (IP)
  • Preventing the modification of applications including the insertion of malicious code
  • Ensuring that the environment in which mobile apps are running has not been compromised


More specifically, Arxan provides solutions that mitigate against the following risks to applications:

  • An unprotected application is exposed to reverse-engineering. If a hacker reverse-engineers your application, they can understand the original source code. With the source code revealed, pirates are able to copy and redistribute the software. Piracy often results in significant revenue loss. Learn more about preventing software piracy.
Intellectual Property (IP) Theft
  • Our products harden the application binary to prevent reverse-engineering that exposes the source code and all of the proprietary information and business logic within the application to competitors and hackers.
Bypass of License Management Policies and Controls
  • Arxan prevents modification of license management systems. We harden or protect the license management system so that the policies and controls are not bypassed or modified.
Malware Insertion
  • Application protection prevents insertion of malicious code designed to exploit your application. We have unique run-time guards that know when your application is not running as planned!
  • Many ISV providers have established common security modules that live inside their applications and provide security functionality, including authentication, policies that govern when and how applications are used, etc.
  • Arxan protects the logic and libraries used to deliver homegrown and third-party security functionality.
  • Arxan protects the off-the-shelf functionalities integrated via APIs




A protected application reduces your risk of:

  • Revenue Loss and Piracy
  • Confidential Data Theft
  • Unauthorized Access and Fraud
  • Brand and Trust Damage
  • Intellectual Property Theft
  • User Experience Compromise


The Security Landscape within Software Publishing

Well over half of the world’s personal computer users — 57 percent — admit they pirate software. That includes 31 percent who say they do it “all of the time,” “most of the time,” or “occasionally,” plus another 26 percent who admit they pirate, but only “rarely.” Fewer than four users in 10 (38 percent) say they “never” acquire software that is not fully licensed. Learn More at or view the 2015 State of Application Security: State of Piracy Infographic and Report.

Watch this short video to understand the extent and impact of software piracy: