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Application Protection for Digital Media

Copying and piracy is rampant across digital media channels, but Arxan can stop the theft and counterfeiting of your songs, videos, clips and content. By using code protection that delivers content to end user devices, and delivering a secure player with a given DRM system, Arxan keeps your media safe. We even offer cryptographic key protection and individualization features for a “fingerprint” style security.

As digital media applications and content continue to undergo explosive global distribution across multiple platforms, they are increasingly vulnerable to software attacks throughout the digital media life cycle. More specifically, hackers readily tamper with and compromise the robustness rules of Digital Rights Management (DRM) standards, as well as the underlying digital assets. Tamper-resistance (TR) for robustness rules compliance and protection for underlying intellectual property (IP) has become a core requirement for digital media owners and broadcasters. Arxan Technologies, the leader in software protection, provides tamper resistance for DRM.

Digital Asset Protection

  • Prevent copying and piracy
  • Prevent IP Theft/ Counterfeiting
  • Deliver a secure player with a given DRM system
  • Prevent stealing decrypted content from the player as it decrypts to your operations center or your managed security services provider

Over The Top (OTT) Compliance

  • Ensure third party content for software is secure at run-time for any environment
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