Application Protection for Digital Media


Arxan helps Digital Media Providers by:digital-devices

  • Preventing copying of movies, songs, TV shows, and other digital assets by ensuring Robustness Rules are satisfied
  • We do this by hardening DRM and Conditional Access systems in order to meet content protection standards and policies so they cannot be bypassed


More specifically, Arxan provides solutions that mitigate against the following risks to digital media providers:

Content Key Exposure
  • The single best attack on a media file is to obtain the content key that decrypts it.
  • This is typically the first thing to get attacked – with the content key an attacker can decrypt the encrypted content and take it. For this reason, it is imperative that the content key is never in a decrypted (plaintext) state within the media player. This is achieved by using a whitebox cryptographic solution that stores the content key in an encrypted state, even while that content key is being used to decrypt the content.
Stealing decrypted content from the player as it decrypts
  • The second most prevalent attack involves taking the decrypted content from the player as it decrypts it – via memory scraping, grabbing buffers, etc.
    • Jailbroken/rooted devices are more susceptible to this type of attack.
  • Using multiple decryption buffers in a random order increases the complexity for simple memory scraping.
  • Arxan prevents code injection/modification of the application, provides root/jailbreak detection, debugger detection and incorporates powerful obfuscation techniques to make this type of attack very difficult to achieve
Tampering and Reverse-Engineering Applications/Platforms
  • Applications can be reverse-engineered to unravel proprietary algorithms, such as watermarking
  • Media Platforms can also be reverse-engineered and tampered with, for example to:
    • spoof authentication
    • disable or bypass security controls
    • unlock subsidized devices such as media gateways or high-end gaming platforms




A protected application reduces your risk of:

  • Revenue Loss resulting from Piracy
  • Unauthorized Access to Copyrighted Content
  • Brand and Trust Damage
  • Content Theft
  • Intellectual Property Theft


The Security Landscape within Digital Media

As entertainment is increasingly being consumed on multiple devices, platforms and services (from connected devices to media players and IPTV services), digital content and applications have become a prime target for hackers. Billions of dollars are lost to movie and music piracy every year. tc-3_screen_lrg

As consumers continue to invest in connected and smart devices and gaming consoles, they are demanding access to applications that deliver digital entertainment. The top priority for producers and distributors is to meet these consumer expectations while preserving their business models and consumers’ experience.

To address your need for effective and non-invasive security for connected devices, OTT services and digital media applications, Arxan provides a defense-in-depth approach to digital media security. Arxan’s security solution encompasses multiples layers of defense and meets the requirements of DRM robustness rules, including the ability to provide renewability of protection without compromising end-user experience.

See the State of Piracy for Digital Media in the infographic below: